What the average Hot or Not woman looks like

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What the average Hot or Not woman looks like

4 thoughts on “What the average Hot or Not woman looks like

  1. On this topic, here’s a link to a site that I find fascinating, discussing a project called “The Face of Tomorrow.” It takes photos of numerous individuals from a given city and creates composite images. What’s striking to me is how beautiful these faces all end up being. It seems the more we approach a perfect average the more we approach the common ideal of physical beauty. http://www.faceoftomorrow.com/

  2. I read an article (the citation escapes me currently) that said the most attractive quality in a face of either sex was symmetry. If you are averaging several faces together, your chances of having a symmetrical face increase significantly so maybe theres some truth to it.

  3. A program called The Human Face, originally aired on the BBC in 2001, included a segment showing a plastic surgeon who had developed a theory that the golden section (or golden ratio, or golden rectangle if you prefer)—the same one that shows up in Greek architecture, nautilus shells, etc. etc.—is the key to the most attractive faces. He demonstrated these proportions on the faces of models, and showed a sort of mask he had developed that outlines the most perfect proportions of various facial features, which he uses in his work. If you get a chance to see it, it’s quite fascinating in my opinion.


  4. Someone needs to come up with a program that takes a person’s face, and adjusts it to meet these norms. That way cosmetic surgeons can show that picture to patients and guide them to procedures to look more like that, and not like the current freak shows that people tend to pick on their own.

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