Family History

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If you knew a family history fair was coming to town filled with classes and workshops what would be the one class that you would beat people off with a stick to be the first one to sign up so you wouldn’t miss it? Saying you would never attend a family history fair is not an answer. Humour me.

3 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Hmmm, let’s see. “Find Out Your Ancestors’ Deepest, Darkest Secrets”. Lol, nothing like a little mystery to entice me. It’s hard to say. Whatever would make Family History research interesting would be enticing, but I am no good at creating topics.

  2. Bigger family history fairs always have the “what’s just around the corner” by a representative of the Church. These usually focus on things like the minor task of scanning the 2.4 million rolls of microfilm in the vaults or the new familysearch and so on. Since I’m pretty grounded in the basics, that’s the first thing I’d be into (obviously a similar “cutting edge” talk by non-LDS groups would also draw me in).

  3. so Alea you are saying you would be interested more in learning what programs are coming up to help you with your family history more so then one on say “what do you do when you reach a road block” or “Scrap booking your personal history” or “How to do Temple Ready?”

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