Life Insurance Tithing

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Speaking of tithing:


Feel free to discuss.

7 thoughts on “Life Insurance Tithing

  1. What do you mean by cashed in? Is this term or whole? Are you receiving the money as a result of someone dying or just taking out your equity in the policy?

  2. This is an interesting one.

    If I had paid the premiums over the years, and if I had paid tithing on the money used to pay the premiums, I don’t think that I would be obligated to pay a tithe on the full amount.

    So I’d probably pay a portion proportional to the amount of money received minus the premiums paid. But since “partial” isn’t an option, I’d say yes.

  3. If my wife, parent, etc. died and I received the proceeds from the policy benefit, I don’t see how I could view that money as not being “income.” So I would feel obligated to tithe it.

  4. Same here, my grandmother died last year and left me $100,000 and it didn’t feel right to me when I was spending it. So what I did was spend it as soon as I could, I bought a $40,000 car and spent the rest on my house.

    I wasn’t going to give it away to charity as I already give a small amount every year to cancer research.

  5. I am quite afraid of the insurance companies, i heard lot of horror stories about them when time comes for them to pay back.

  6. an ottawa evangalist was asking people on TV to cash in there life insursance policies, if they were short of cash…in 07…. I couldnt believe it….it was Bill Prankard

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