Miraculous Numbers

It’s always interesting when the church releases its statistics for the year.

I noticed something that’s either miraculous or … or … I don’t really know what it would be.

In 2005 the church had 12,560,869 members and in 2006 it increased to 12,868,606 – an increase in membership of 307,737.

In the 2006 stats we’re told that newborn member kids totaled 94,006 and converts accounted for 272,845 of the increased membership – kids+converts=366,851 in total.

Well if you take the total membership increase and subtract the kids and converts, you’re left with the number -59,114.

I’m going to assume this negative number is deaths, excommunications and resignations.

But even assuming a zero number of excommunications and resignations (which is not likely, but I’ll gloss over that fact for this example), that means that the LDS have a death rate of 4.59 per 1000 people.

To illustrate how miraculous this number is, the National death rate in the US in 2004 was 8(ish) per 1000, and in Canada it was 7.7(ish) per 1000.

Are Canadians really dying in numbers 1.7 times that of the LDS?

… or is there something screwy with these numbers?