Did you experience bullying as a child?

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As requested. Pick the one that most accurately describes your experience.


10 thoughts on “Did you experience bullying as a child?

  1. I didn’t bully and I was never bullied.

    I was the target of attempted bulling one time though. At my old highschool, painting ninth grader’s faces with bingo dabbers as an ‘initiation’ comes in and out of fashion.

    When I was in the 9th grade a kid I had never met, came up to me to paint my face and asked me what grade I was in. I stood up to answer him and the top of his head barely reached my shoulder. I told him, “I’m in grade 9. Why?” As if I didn’t know why he wanted to know how old I was

    “Just wondered” He put the cap back on his bingo dabber and slunk off.

    I’ve been over six feet tall since grade seven and the biggest kid in my whole class other than that, so I’ve never had a problem with bullies.

    Anytime anyone ever called me a name in elementary school, I sort of just figured they were just fooling around, that they didn’t mean anything by it, and it didn’t bother me.

    I was firmly in the highschool upper middle class.

  2. I hit the 6 foot mark during the summer between Grade 9 and Grade 10. I went from one of the shortest in my class to one of th tallest. Unfortunately my weight stayed the same.

    I was never made fun of for being to skinny (it was usually something else), but I never had the bulk to be intimidating in high school. I’m just surprised I wasn’t teased more often than I was. I didn’t look like I would (could) fight back.

  3. I teased because I have a flat face. So the, oh so clever name of “flat face” was often tossed in my direction. It never really bothered me though, if that was the worse name they could think of, it wasn’t that bad!

  4. No football team in town…

    No regrets, though. I’ll take a year hangin’ out with the skirts over the locker rooms anytime.

  5. rick use to tease and bully me for my lack of musical skill…

    I feel so injured and scarred and have never recovered.



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