General Conference Open Thread – April 2007

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This is an open thread to discuss what is spoken in the April 2007 General Conference. By “open thread”, I don’t mean that this is a free for all to discuss whatever fits one’s fancy.

31 thoughts on “General Conference Open Thread – April 2007

  1. President Monson encouraged us to not only sustain the leaders with our uplifted hand, but with a pledge of heart. I had never heard this before.

  2. I am glad Elder Holland talked about comparing by default (Sandra is pretty, Susan is smart. Thus Sandra doesn’t think she’s smart, and Susan doesn’t think she’s pretty.)

    I often hear people say so-and-so is such a good boy because he did such-and-such, not realise by doing so, they are by default saying that if so-and-so doesn’t do such-and-such, s/he is bad.

  3. I agree with Elder Holland, though I am not hanging on these dudes every statement as if they were saying something of profound revelatory importance.

  4. In post #8 you draw some rather sketchy conclusions. Care to elaborate further on just what theory you are basing your suppositions upon?

    After all Sandra & Susan are free agents, just because one is viewed as pretty and the other conceived as smart does not confine their own internal understanding of the self to these external perceptions.

    Equally, if I say you are a good boy for doing such and such, does not by default mean that if you don’t do such-and-such you are bad. That is a contentious line of reason.

  5. President Monson encouraged us to not only sustain the leaders with our uplifted hand, but with a pledge of heart. I had never heard this before.

    And they did the statistics and sustainings in the morning instead of the afternong. Hmm..

  6. “President Monson encouraged us to not only sustain the leaders with our uplifted hand, but with a pledge of heart. I had never heard this before.”

    Well, I always thought that this was obvious and didn’t need mentioning.

  7. Hinckley is stepping down this afternoon.
    That’s my guess of why the change in format.

    Don’t shoot the messenger… ;)

  8. President Hinckley announced President Faust and President Monson would speak one after the other. Presumable, President Hinckley will be the concluding speaker. I cannot remember the last time all three spoke in a row.

  9. Thoughts from priesthood session.

    Elder Hales said going to the temple prior to a mission is more important than going on the mission.

    Bishop McMullin stated these points:

    • Be faithful
    • Unencumber your life
    • Lay up in store

    Some stats for the 12 years President Hinckley has been president:

    • 387,750 missionaries served, 40% of all missionaries who have ever served
    • 3,400,000 converts – 1/2 of all current membership
    • 41 new missions created

    I am surprised he didn’t mention how many temples were built in the last 12 years.

    Oh, and the closing hymn was amazing. Yeah, I know were were told today not to turn music at church into entertainment, but it was so cool.

  10. President Faust talked about the Amish who forgave Charlie Roberts for killing five of their girls and wounding five others. I don’t know if I could immediately forgive someone for killing one of my children. Perhaps I further to go to becoming Christian than the Amish do.

  11. Forgiveness removes the burden, and satan’s snare, from your own life. So I give a woo-woo to the prez!

  12. My Favorite was Elder B. Eyering when he stated “In your morning prayer ask how you can serve the Lord? Remember that no matter how much physical difficulties and ailments I might have or for those that say I can’t help others because I have no extra money, he states that you still have to serve the Lord and THEN He will bless you to continue. He went on to say no matter how few things I can do each day I must ask what can I do today to serve you my Lord.

    That really touched me. Another statement he said at the end was “Never forget who you are.” Which seems very profound for my calling as Family History Consultant as I have been telling my members this for 3 months now.. you can’t know where you are going till you know where you have been.

    I missed both morning sessions as I was too ill to get out of bed and I only got to hear ha;f of the afternoon session but I got bits and pieces of it and will read it as soon as it comes online.

    So were there any new announcements Kim?

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