Breast Implants, Tanning and Earrings

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I’m at the halfpipe last night talking to some member teens and they brought up some very good points in regard to plastic surgery, vanity, tanning and earrings.

To be modest and not draw attention to one’s body is considered a good thing by church leaders, hence the dressing modestly, no tattoos and approach to multiple piercings, etc. But it appears that the church leaders have no problem at all with breast implants, coloured contacts and tanning.

So by God’s decree we should not be wearing more than one earring per ear, but placing bags of saline in one’s chest is A-okay.

Dressing modestly implies what we put ON our bodies, so is it okay to put things INSIDE our bodies? If that’s the distinction, then why no tattoos? If no tattoos, then why is tanning alright? …. on and on it went like this.

What’s your take on these, I would say legitimate, adolescent issues?

210 thoughts on “Breast Implants, Tanning and Earrings

  1. Actually I knew a Bishop who had a tattoo. He didn’t show it off as Bishop. He was a former drug dealer, though, which could or could not be why he had the tattoo.

    We are told that tattoos and extra earrings are not a good idea. When it comes to implants or tanning I have never heard.

    We get the information we need and expected to use our noggins for the rest. It’s not really hard.

  2. Okay….but there are tasteful tattoos and earings.

    I just think that it seems a bit silly to say that you can’t alter your body in one way…but, it is okay to alter your body in another way. Especially when some ways are for vanity sake.

    I personally think that everything is up to the individual and that we shouldn’t have to be told what to do/ not do.

  3. So you can envision a bishop with a tattoo and earrings? I can’t. Not in the LDS church. It’s either a big deal or it’s not. If it’s a big deal, people should be informed explicitly of what is and is not allowed.

    And since they are explicitly informed not to have earrings or tattoos, what’s the problem?

  4. So ltbugaf, can you show me where the subject of tanning is explicitly discussed? Mary’s cousin’s soul may be in danger.

  5. That is the problem with Mormons. They are all worried about what everyone else around them is doing. Why don’t they worry about their own salvation and work on themselves rather than pointing a finger at everyone they believe isn’t walking the srtaight and narrow perfectly! You can sit hear and read all this garbage of people takes on what they translate the Prophets words to mean, but when it comes down to it just do what you feel is right in your own heart after a sincere pray to our Heavenly Father. Some may say plastic surgery is defiling your body or the temple that Heavenly Fahter gave you, but if that is true, people who are obese because thay over eat and don’t exercise and care for they bodies are doing the same thing, they are not caring for their temples that Heavenly Fahter gave them. All I can say is quit pointing your fingers and offending people! Work on your self, that is why we are here. To perfect ourselves so we may live again with our Heavenly Father. Let him be the judge!

  6. Ah ok…we are all worried about what people around us are doing? Every single one? Not this ‘mormon’.

    You might want to read the conversation, not a person here is ‘judging’ what anyone does, but trying to clarify what church leadership has stated.

  7. Is it really okay to judge someone else for doing something to increase their self esteem? I think not.

  8. I think we should be totally happy in our bodies and f that involves us changing them through natural methods then that is perfectly fine. If somebody wanted to tone up and get fit then you wouldn’t begrudge them going to the gym.

    People should be allowed to express themselves however they wish.

  9. I think the church leaders should get their nose out of everyone’s business and let people decide for themselves what they think is appropriate to do with their own bodies. Just teach the correct general principle, and let the members govern themselves.

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