Is It a Crime to be Deaf?

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Is It a Crime to be Deaf?

4 thoughts on “Is It a Crime to be Deaf?

  1. I know for a fact that RCMP officers, during their training, are given scenarios that closely match the one described in the story. Not only deaf, but partially blind, cerebral palsy, MS, and speech impediments are all covered in their training. Who knows if every officer retains all that knowledge, but at least they have been enlightened enough to look for it at some time.

    I would humbly suggest that the girl would have been treated better in Canada primarily because of our Charter of Rights. If the same thing were to happen here, she’d be able to sue for ridiculous amounts of money for violation of her rights.

  2. Good Heavens. I hope the officers in this case are disciplined. What atrocious behaviour on their part. The poor woman.

    Rick, do you know if RCMP officers are educated about mental illness or diabetes? I know some diabetics, have been mistaken for being drunk when their blood sugar has been dangerously low. Hopefully police officers in Canada are educated in all areas of health and wellness so they can assist accordingly.

  3. I’m pretty sure recognizing both of those are covered, but I’d have to ask my local Mountie to be sure.

    We had a discussion about this a couple months ago vis a vis cops determining kids on drugs versus kids with physical/mental impairments. I guess sometimes it’s hard to tell the good kids on Ritalin versus the bad kids on speed.

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