Dove Commercials

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Does anyone else find it odd that Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty uses women with dyed hair?

11 thoughts on “Dove Commercials

  1. Considering Dove sells hair colouring products, I assume they are not home dying jobs.

    Every woman I have seen with dyed hair is a real woman. Not a single mannequin among them.

  2. Not odd, but thought provoking. At what point is beauty no longer “real”?

    Is wearing make-up cheating. Dying your hair? Getting plastic surgery?

    Where is the line?

  3. Considering Dove sells hair colouring products, I assume they are not home dying jobs.

    I don’t understand. Do you mean that because Dove sells home dyeing kits (not home dying kits, which are sold in Dr. Kevorkian’s catalogue ;) ) the women in the ads haven’t used the Dove home coloring kits?

    I promise I’m not just trying to be a smarty. I really am having trouble following you.

  4. I suppose the women’s makeup and hair styling was done by professional artists for the shoots, but I’m not sure I would assume all the coloring was.

    Anyway, I don’t find anything ironic in dyed hair appearing in these ads. The point of the campaign, as near as I can tell, is similar to the point that Elder Holland stressed to women in the last general conference: to be more accepting of women’s bodies in all their glorious varieties of size, shape and color. To my mind, that includes acceptance of the ones who choose to dye their hair.

  5. how do you know the hair was dyed at home or at a salon? I’ve seen plenty of the older women having grey hair

  6. Hmm, I don’t really agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with a woman who dyes her hair. Just because a woman tries to improve her appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively on her self-esteem IMO.

  7. So the question is, do women with naturally coloured hair require improvement, Jen?

    As long as we’re all ‘keeping it real’ isn’t it hypocrisy to say ‘Real is fine – unless it’s your grey hair. That you have to dye.’

    What’s the message? Fat or thin = Ok, Grey hair = bad?

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