Mormons want unvarnished history

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Mormons want unvarnished history

12 thoughts on “Mormons want unvarnished history

  1. Does this mean they’ll be inviting Quinn back to do research?
    His homosexuality aside, he did some really amazing research on early church history.

  2. Does this mean they’ll be inviting Quinn back to do research?

    Who are the “they” you refer to? The people who answered the survey?

    How would they go about “inviting” Michael Quinn to do research?

    Does Michael Quinn need an invitation to do research? Isn’t he free to continue whatever research he wants to do?

  3. No, he’s not free to do research into the early church, since the archives are now off limits to him – as they are off limits to any practicing homosexual.

  4. So anyone who comes to the Church archives must answer a questionnaire about his own sexual preferences and practices?

  5. I’m afraid I’m feeling a little skeptical again. Is there an article or something you can point me to that explains the sex questionnaire that you say the Church uses every time someone comes to do research?

  6. Are temple recommends required of every person who ever accesses Church archives?

  7. The ones from which Quinn does all his best work require you to be a temple recommend holding member in good standing.

    Quinn was given unprecedented access to the ‘vaults’ and for that reason generated such good research.

  8. Yes, that’s clear now. My comment 10 and his comment 9 hit the page at the same moment.

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