If you could hie to NGC-7293

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I think my belief in extraterrestrial life pre-dates the Memorial Day weekend of 1977.?Ǭ† Although seeing Star Wars for the first time expanded my imagination of what could be out there, I’ve always thought it was possible.?Ǭ† This belief probably originated in Primary classes where I was taught that God created worlds without number and that He has children on those worlds as well.?Ǭ† We also have scriptures that teach this as well.

?Ǭ†It’s always seemed a little improbable to me that this would be the only planet in the universe with life.?Ǭ† I’m glad science is catching up with me!?Ǭ† I ran across this today.?Ǭ† Interesting…

6 thoughts on “If you could hie to NGC-7293

  1. I have to say I agree, JM. I have always thought it was much too coincidental for our planet among countless others to be the only one with life.

  2. “There are, however, other possibilities that are quite compatible with contemporary science, and that perhaps resonate even more strongly with our perspectives on God.”

    I’ll settle for contemporary science being quite compatible with contemporary science for starters… let alone how it may relate to any gods.

  3. One only needs to look into the heavens on a moonless night and ask themselves, where what and why are they? (stars, planets, galexies, nebuli) With out optical aid, they all look the same. They did not come about by chance. They have an order, and they are in a given dimension.
    To man, space is almost inconceivable, to God, Space is a moment, (a twinkling of an eye). God, or the God’s, have designed the heavens for specific purposes we dwellers on earth have yet to understand. Was it a big bang? Did it really take just seven days? …To be continued

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