Last Price Is Right episode

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8 thoughts on “Last Price Is Right episode

  1. I stand somewhat in awe of people like Bob Baker, who always have to be in a good mood, no matter what mood they’re really in.

  2. I think it’s a little bit easier when it’s a game show and everyone’s all excited and you’re giving away prizes and stuff. It’s gotta be harder when you’re a radio DJ.

  3. “It’s gotta be harder when you’re a radio DJ.”

    …or a flight attendant.

  4. I hardly ever had trouble maintaining a good mood on the air when I was a radio DJ.

  5. HaHa Happy Gilmore! That scene had me laughing about as hard as any movie has!

  6. I cant believe the last words out of Barker’s mouth included ” Get your pets fixed ” and then on to goob bye every one. It seems that there should have been more to the last Bob Barker episode. I mean 35 years of being a house hold name in all American families.

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