Mormons minority in Utah bankruptcies

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Mormons minority in Utah bankruptcies

4 thoughts on “Mormons minority in Utah bankruptcies

  1. The sidebar title is misleading, methinks.
    The article didn’t state that Mormons were in the minority, it stated that they were not any more or less responsible for the bankruptcy rates in Utah.
    There was almost a one to one relationship of lds vs. non-lds people filing for bankruptcy.

    It kind of makes one think about what is the contributing factor then? Do banks in Utah give out unmanageable loans? Is there a culture that is accepting of financial failure to live up to obligations?

    It’s a bit strange that such a relatively affluent state would have so many bankruptcies anyway.

  2. Misleading maybe, but certainly not inaccurate. :) The point is, Mormons aren’t the cause of the rate of bankruptcy in Utah (any more than any other person). As the article states, if they were, the rate would have been much higher.

  3. I know your tendency to editorialize your subject lines. I myself have been known to use loaded language in the titles of my posts from time to time as well… =)

    So what do you think is the root of Utah being so consistently high in the number of bankruptcies?

  4. Maybe all those people moving there from California are so amazed at how cheap everything is, so they can’t help but buy as much as they can.

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