Attaining God’s Glory

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I have been working on a project for the last couple of years (it probably could have taken a week or two, but I can be quite the procrastinator sometimes.

Anyhow, I’ve gone through several scriptures to try and determine how we can attain God’s glory. Specifically, what role intelligence and truth play.

I have finished my first draft, and I am interested in feedback. Feel free to give it a read and let me know what you think. It’s 7 printed pages normally.

5 thoughts on “Attaining God’s Glory

  1. The scriptures speak of intelligence = light and truth. To me, your article read like intelligence = light or truth, or even light = truth.

    I’ve always thought the missing piece of the puzzle was how light was being defined. It would seem that it is not only used as a physical property, but a religious idiom as well. I think the two are interrelated and contribute to intelligence which also contributes to glory.

    I think a study of “Light” would round out your article.

  2. Yes indeed, light is a very mysterious thing when talking about glory. How do we get glory? by learning or taking in the light. This light is the “spirit of Christ”. This spirit is the Light of truth or the light of Christ. In all reality the light of Christ is the Glory of God. By partaking of his spirit, his spirit becomes part of ours. This enables us to also have glory which is the same glory as God. We also have the ability to share this gift (gift of holy ghost) with others as we excersize and exert that spirit to others. This is how nonbelievers learn the truth from missionaries. Missionaries and saints alike speak the words of Christ which in all reality is the Spirit of Christ or his glory.

  3. Rob, I agree that one aspect of light is the “Light of Christ” you talk about. But there is another element to consider, that being the physical properties and characteristics of this visible and non-visible electromagnetic radiation and luminous energy we call light.

    Joseph Smith describes the glory of the Father and the Son as above the brightness of the sun. Not just a spiritual light, but a physical attribute that can be detected with the senses. There is a connection between the two types of light the scriptures speak about. And it has something to do with truth and intelligence. And when you wrap it all up, you get glory, specifically the glory of God.

  4. JM,

    I agree fully. I believe that the light of christ, or, the spirit of christ is an actual physical thing that takes up space. For instance- when we hear a new truth of godliness our soul is actually enlarged- it actually grows bigger with more spirit. The scriptures speak of god pouring his spirit out to the faithful. I believe that he is actually pouring out light and truth as an actual physical spiritual form that takes up space- it is something tangible, although not necessarily to the physical bodies senses!

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