What should Mormons do about Marriott?

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What should Mormons do about Marriott?

3 thoughts on “What should Mormons do about Marriott?

  1. Marriot is a public company. If the LDS are all that concerned about their reputation, perhaps they should just buy out all the shares and then they’d be able to control what gets distributed via the hotel chain.

    The church has already bought a mall, why not add to their already considerable holdings?

  2. Yeah, the admins took it down apparently. It ended up becoming a free for all on the personal integrity of the Marriott family.

    Anyhow, the post discussed whether we as members should be concerned that the Marriott chain, which is partly run by church leaders (including a seventy), is one of the largest commercial distributors of porn in the United States.

    Here’s a temporary version of the article.

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