US to invade Canada next month

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Looks like the US military will be invading Canada next month. And at a North American Union meeting no less. How appropriate.

5 thoughts on “US to invade Canada next month

  1. and what was the reasoning PM Harper gave for him allowing US military to tell us what to do in our country?

    no more then 5 people in a car huh? Guess Curt’s family won’t be going..

    I guess they have never gone to a drive in movie in Sask where you could have 5 people “in” the car and when parked 5 more pop out of the wheel wells

  2. That’s us Americans–we think Canada is some kind of US Territory, but we don’t think New Mexico is part of the union.

    Thanks for letting us do our exercises there. I know I’d rather be in Canada than Saudi Arabia or Korea, which is where this stuff usually seems to happen.


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