New Apostle, New Counsellor

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With President Faust’s death this morning, inevitably an apostle will be called to fill his vacancy in the Twelve. Likewise, President Hinckley will call at least one new counsellor.

Any guesses on either of the replacements?

25 thoughts on “New Apostle, New Counsellor

  1. Good heavens. The man’s body isn’t even cold yet, and you already want to speculate on the next members of the aristocracy?

  2. Yes.

    President Hinckley will announce a new counsellor either next week or the week after. Death is a matter of fact in the course of existence. Business goes one. The world will go one after even I die.

  3. I’m not even LDS, and I don’t happen to believe the aptly-named Mr. Faust was a “prophet, seer and revelator.” Even so, I think such imediate, public speculation is in extremely poor taste.

    I guarantee you Gordon B. Hinckley won’t announce any replacement callings until after the funeral, at least. It’s called ettiquette.

  4. I, too, doubt he would make any announcements prior to a funeral. It’d be interesting to know whether he is already considering the replacements though. Announcing and considering are two different things.

  5. I’m sure there is always a “short list” on hand for potential new apostles. Since most modern LDS apostles reach an advanced age, there is always reason to believe that one could die at any moment. It would be foolhardy to not be examining potentials in advance.

    That said, suppose your very close friend, with whom you had worked closely for decades, suddenly died. If you were thinking of his replacement within HOURS of the death, most people would think quite poorly of you. Gordon B. Hinckley and James E. Faust have long shared a profound friendship.

  6. I have always admired James E. Faust. I expect he will be missed by many.

    You are assuming the next counsellor will come from the existing 11 apostles. If so, then two new ones would be named but perhaps a non-apostle will be called due to the age of the President of the Church.

    Perhaps the next apostle is the President of BYU Hawaii.

  7. If the new counsellor is called from the existing Twelve, then there would still be only one vacancy to fill. No matter how you spin it there are currently only 14 sitting prophets. You only need 1 to make 15.

  8. Kim isn’t cold hearted, he was sad, as was I, and anyone else who knows Pres Faust (even just from conference) to hear of his passing. I will miss Pres Faust’s gentle, compassionate spirit and how he reflected the spirit in his demeanor and love for people and for the Lord.

    And actually it’s called “etiquette”.

  9. LOL I’m not sure losing a friend and running God’s church are the same thing. You’re right: they’re friends and there is a time of mourning – but the kingdom does march on and I’m with Nick, I would think there’s always a short list on hand. Frankly, with the age of some of the apostles I would think they would always have to be ‘on their toes’ and ready to fill vacancies!

  10. Yes, Hinckley is running the church, but I was also referring to the fact that Faust was a VERY close friend of his—not just some guy who filled a position.

  11. For Second Counselor of the First Presidency, the odds are:

    Holland – 40%

    Oaks – 20%

    Ballard – 15%

    Eyring – 10%

    Other(s) – 15%

  12. My Guess would have to be Dallin H. Oaks as the new Second Counselor in The First Presidency. Other two could be L. Tom Perry or Russell M. Nelson.

  13. Every person I talked to about Elder Faust’s passing today eventually questioned who might take his position. I think it’s natural.

  14. I too will miss President Faust. I loved his talks and his was always one of the first ones I would read in the Ensign after the General Conference came out. I just assumed that although much prayer and fasting will be in order before a new councilor is called, I would have thought that it “automatically would be…” just like when the Prophet dies it automatically is….

    I remember shortly after I joined the church President Kimball (Prophet at the time) died and I was devastated. I thought for the church would collapse. I was too new in the gospel to know or understand that not just ONE person looks after church. It’s an entire body. I am not there. But I can most certainly almost guarantee that the council has already met. It just would make sense.

    Talking about this and who it might be has nothing to do with being disrespectful of him. It is our way of grieving and having great concern for the Prophet and the huge mantle of responsibility that just fell on his shoulders. It’s not a “job” he is looking forward to doing but he knows he has to. Anyone that knew President Faust would know he wouldn’t have it any other way.

  15. True Enough, Kim.

    Demographically speaking, the candidate should probably be from South America as well.

  16. Although it would be nice to possibly have a Brazilian Apostle or Latin Apostle, I doubt it will actually happen.

  17. I would love an apostle from Mexico or South America. The question as I see it is are those areas strong enough that they could lose a man of that caliber to the rest of the church.

  18. Steve said: “I would love an apostle from Mexico or South America. The question as I see it is are those areas strong enough that they could lose a man of that caliber to the rest of the church.”

    Are you suggesting the members in S. America are not able to function the same as N. America members?

  19. I don’t think anyone has to suggest it, it’s a fact.

    In some areas there are so few priesthood holders that to remove a single man from the area would leave the local members completely without leadership.

  20. Looks like you were off, jackson. :) For those who didn’t know, this weekend, Eyring was called as the new second counsellor.

    Quentin Cook was called as the new apostle.

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