Being on the Lord’s side

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In elders quorum today, we had a discussion on “Who’s on the Lord’s side”. One of the ideas presented was that of Nephi deciding to be on the Lord’s side by getting the brass plates, and David being on the Lord’s side by stepping forward to take on Goliath.

It made me wonder if sometimes we answer, “I am on the Lord’s side”, by simply admitting I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t stolen anything, I haven’t taken the Lord’s name in vain, or I haven’t broken the Sabbath day.

Of course it’s easy to be on the Lord’s side if all is required of us is to do nothing.

Nephi and David took initiative and do something. Maybe being on the Lord’s side is more about taking our own initiative and being proactive.

8 thoughts on “Being on the Lord’s side

  1. What are some ways you’ve started to be more pro-active Kim?

    Are they making you feel better?

  2. What are some ways you’ve started to be more pro-active Kim?

    None. It was only yesterday. Give me some time. ;-) Besides, I never said I was on the Lord’s side.

  3. It’s news to me. While I did recognise that I should be more proactive in trying to be Christian, I don’t feel I’ve done anything different in the last 24 hours to show I’ve put my money where my mouth is.

  4. what do you mean by be more proactive? Are you measuring that against the prophets of the scriptures? How do we define being proactive? Who do we compare ourselves against to know if we have made an initiative?

  5. Try reading D&C 121:33-46. IMO that is a really good definition of what it means to be on the Lord’s side.

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