Bloggernacle marathon relay

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Anyone interested in an Our Thoughts team to participate in The Great Bloggernacle Marathon relay?

There are legs of different lengths, and team members don’t even need to be in the same city. You can even walk if you want.

We need 5 to make a team.

42 thoughts on “Bloggernacle marathon relay

  1. I went and read the link but I didn’t understand… obviously you can only do it if members of a blog live in the same area/city?

  2. No. You can be in different cities, as I said. You just pick th leg you want to do. The legs don’t even need to be done in order.

  3. ok you can count me in to do either #1 or #10 and I will do it in the evenings preferably as starting Tuesday I will be babysitting Rosaleen during the day. I can still do it daytime if it is better for the group I just will push the stroller… tone up my biceps that way :-D

    I can also do one of the smaller legs if you don’t get enough people to participate.

  4. check with Peggy.. she is doing a 5km run right now and so I told her to contact Kim to get all the information

  5. Well, we need five people for a team. I will take part if we can get only 2 more, but if we get three more, I will step aside.

  6. Oh, and one need not be a permablogger. Those who only comment are also able to participate. If you comment on Our Thoughts, you’re welcome to join in our team.

  7. Well, we still need one more person before we can divy up legs.

    Welcome aboard though, Amy. Glad to have someone else on our team.

  8. I want to do one long and one medium one, so do I get to choose my runs? Or I could possibly do three too, depending on time.

  9. I’m sorry.. am having a senior moment here.. do participants HAVE to be part of your blog or have a blog? Or read your blog? Or any blogs? Can they just be someone that wants to do it?

  10. They should at least be commenters on Our Thoughts, but if they have an LDS blog, we welcome them as well. The idea is that it is a Bloggernacle relay. Thus it is for members of the Bloggernacle.

  11. Sweet. Now, everyone needs to choose their legs.

    I will be walking to and from work on the Friday, and it’s 2.25 miles in one direction. So I can take #1 or a combination of smaller legs.

  12. Anything in the 3 mile range and I can usually maintain a decent pace. I know many legs are already spoken for so slot me in where needed.

  13. Just for clarification,

    Here are the legs:

    1. 4.5 mi
    2. 2 mi
    3. 3 mi
    4. 1.5 mi
    5. 2.5 mi
    6. 1.5 mi
    7. 3.5 mi
    8. 0.7 mi
    9. 2 mi
    10. 5 mi

    Mary’s taking 5, 6, and 7. Sally’s doing 2 and 10. I am doing 1. That leaves, 3, 4, 8, and 9.

    I say we pair 3 and 8 together and 4 and 9 together. Eddie which do you want? Amy, which do you want? If either of you prefer to do #1, I can take 3 and 8.

    It doesn’t matter if I do one long one or two shorter ones; I’ll be walking the same distance either way.

  14. and this is this weekend right? And the idea is to do your legs as fast as you can and then report the time to you after completion? Is chocolate involved for prizes? :-D

  15. This weekend, yes. Finish your legs as quickly as possible if you want us to win.

    Anyone want to hand any slots to Adam?

  16. I finished the first half of my leg. It took me 54 minutes. I walked and stopped a bit to take photos. I’ll finish the last half this afternoon.

  17. Adam, feel free to take 3 and 4. We haven’t heard from Eddie, but if he does run it, we’ll just take the fastest time of the two of you. :)

  18. I finished (#2) 2 miles in 24 minutes. Will do the 5 mile (#10)tomorrow morning. How will we know if we “win” as some relays of the other groups will be all running, some teams are walking some like ours are half and half?

  19. I did my 2.7 miles in about 46 minutes. I will have to look at my Garmin when I get home to know the .7 vs 2 mile splits.

  20. I finished my entire leg in 1:52. I was walking.

    How the winner will be decided was pretty vague. I don’t know if it who has the longest time overall, or if it’s decided by leg.

  21. Well I did 2.5 miles in 24:42 and the 1.5 miles plus 3.5 miles (total of 5 miles together, I just did them together) in 52 minutes. All running. Have to say I wasn’t pleased with the 5 miles at that rate because I CAN and DO run faster, and well even the 2.5 miles at 24:42 I was not impressed with. My only excuse was I forgot to bring or drink any water this morning (for the 5 miles) and yesterday, well it was 5:30 am. But all in all they were good runs. I didn’t run them fast, maybe a few spurts. Usually I run almost 2.5 miles in 20 minutes when I do interval training.

    And my speed yesterday was between 6 and 7.5 miles an hour, so middling speed.

  22. I just noticed that when I read Mary’s entry that my second one was not there. I checked my email and for some reason it was still sitting in draft. Guess I forgot to hit send or something. I did the 2nd leg (#10)of 5 miles in 72 minutes and that was walking.

  23. I was out of town but found a nice trail to run along. I ran 4.5 miles in 42 minutes 18 seconds. Not my best time ever but not my worst, either! Sorry for the delay in reporting.

    This reminds me I also need to report my September home teaching.

  24. So, here are the times for each leg

    1. 4.5 mi, 01:52:00
    2. 2 mi, 00:24:00
    3. 3 mi, 00:42:18
    4. 1.5 mi, combined with above
    5. 2.5 mi, 00:24:42
    6. 1.5 mi, 00:52:00
    7. 3.5 mi, combined with above
    8. 0.7 mi, 00:46:00
    9. 2 mi, combined with above
    10. 5 mi, 01:12:00

    Our total time was 06:13:00. Thanks everyone for doing this. Nowhere near Haile Gebrselassie’s world-record time of 2:04:26, but he wasn’t walking and I bet he doesn’t have photos from his run as nice as the oens from my walk. :)

    I’ll report our time, and see how we did compared to everyone else.

  25. Just wanted to “repost” what I posted on my site in regards to this relay and how some people might have thought it was pointless. Thanks Kim for letting us join you in doing this and you are right.. the other person didn’t have such great pics of their walk :)

    This weekend I took part in a marathon relay. Those of you that know me well know I can not run due to spinal instability. So there was no point in me competing with professional marathoners. But anyone that does know me know I am a competitive person. Tell me I can’t do something and it will always be my pleasure to prove to you that I can. Up to a point. Before I said I would do this I thought of why I wanted to do it. I thought of why I had gotten healthy again, why I had lost all my excess weight and why I continue to monitor it.

    I had 2 “legs” of the relay to complete; a 2 mile one and a 5 mile one. I did the 2 mile Friday in good time. Today I did the 5 mile one with much more difficulty. It is raining here and my muscles don’t do well in rain. I could feel the muscles start to cramp at about the 3.5 mark but I’m not a quitter either.

    I reminded myself of why I was doing this. I saw my sister’s face in my mind and I knew why I was going to finish this leg no matter if I landed on my face. These are the reasons I walked today in this marathon relay:

    For my sister Adele who died of colon cancer at the age of 46
    For my dad Roland who died of prostate cancer at the age of 59
    For my aunts:
    Lucy of breast cancer at 51
    Winni of breast cancer also at age 51
    Irene of breast cancer at 63
    Cecile of brain tumour at age 43

    For my uncle Paul who died of prostate cancer at 76
    My grandfathers:
    Benoit who died of liver cancer of age 74
    Albert who died of prostate cancer at 88 years

    For my cousin Curtis who died of leukemia at the age of 4
    For my cousin Donald whose wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer

    Today I walked for my children Douglas Kim Mary Eugene Lareta Curt Jody and Linda
    Today I walked for my grandchildren, Terry Senthia Britnee Dallas Latitia Sinead Darien Regan Amber Rosaleen Miranda and Aisling.
    Today and every day come rain or shine I walk for Keith and for our eternal family. I am determined to not give in to this disease that has caused so much grief in my family. I will continue to do what I must to make sure I remain as healthy as possible.

    I could feel my sister with me as I finished my last steps gasping for air as my lungs felt like I was inhaling sand paper. I had a friend earlier this week ask me why on earth would I want to do this when there were no prizes no TADA’s with thousands of spectators cheering you on to victory.. what was the point. There was a point. I smiled as the vision of my sister left me… there was a point.

  26. Mum

    Truer words were never spoken. Just the fact of accomplishing to KNOW YOU CAN do it is the reward. ANd it is worth every step!

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