Pros and Cons of Sacrament Meeting Times

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I was thinking about our Sacrament meeting time today. We meet 12:50?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú15:50. while I was thinking about, I recognized there were some good things about meeting at that time, as well as some bad things. Likewise, each meeting time I’ve had had similar pros and cons. I thought I’d list them here.

### 09:00?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú12:00

: Get to eat all 3 meals
: Have the entire afternoon for Sabbath activities
: Can nap at a reasonable time

: Can’t sleep in
: Less time to get ready
: Very little time for making adjustments to lessons

### 11:00?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú14:00

: Can nap at a reasonable time
: Can sleep in
: Some time for lesson prep
: Still some time for Sabbath activities

: Miss dinner
: Interfere with children nap times

### 13:00?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú16:00

: Can have all three meals
: Can sleep in
: Time for last minute lesson tweaks

: Can’t nap
: Little time for Sabbath activities

Any others?

7 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Sacrament Meeting Times

  1. I like the 11-2 one .. its nor so earlyn in the morning yet can get home in plenty of time to do other thingsl

  2. 11-2 is the worst in my book. I’m diabetic and skipping meals is really hard. It’s hardest on the kids, though, who not only miss lunch but also nap time. The nursery is a totally different place at noon than it is at 10am.

    My favorite is 1-4. Sleep in, eat breakfast AND lunch…and Sunday’s done.

  3. My preferences have changed largely since having children. I always really liked 11-2….loved having a little more time in the morning and still being home mid-afternoon. I found that to be a horrible time with my children though. We’d get a good breakfast in – but no lunch and by the time church is over at 2:00 my children were whiney crying owly and plain old no more fun to be around. We started bringing a small lunch to church and we’d duck into the kitchen to eat it before shooing them off to primary – and that seemed to help a lot. We had one nosey nasty sister in the ward though that thought it was absolutely unnecessary and enjoyed voicing her opinion about it – which irritated me immensely and made my children feel sheepish about eating. We’re back to 11:00 church now though after a year of 9:00 church. They’re a little older so we’ll see if it goes better.

  4. We’re the only ward in our building, so we’re at 10-1, which is by far the best option IMO if you’re going to be in church for three hours. Dawn, that story just REALLY ticks me off on your behalf. I have found that an incredulous “Who do you think you ARE?” or a Miss Manners-style “How dare you?” (also incredulous, not accusing) can really make this type of person back off. The reason they do it is because nobody ever calls them on it.

  5. “The reason they do it is because nobody ever calls them on it.”

    It’s true. It is a simple case of bullying.

  6. We are at the 1-4 right now and although I like it as it gives me extra time to get ready in the morning, we don’t get to do our family Sunday dinners very often as I am too tired by the time I get home to do a big dinner. As for the nosy sister, I would have asked her to join us :) And if she refused I would have told her that by feeding my children it kept them more at peace and as it was Sunday and we needed to be reverent to show respect to Heavenly Father, I was doing my part in doing this. How could she argue with that kind of logic?

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