Same Sex Couples Now Counted in Census

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In the 2006 federal census, statistics Canada began counting same sex couples. Interestingly enough, under 20% of same sex couples in Canada are married despite the fact that same sex marriages have been legal for 2 years.

2 thoughts on “Same Sex Couples Now Counted in Census

  1. In the overview of the census that was presented here the central thing that emerged was the massive increase in single person households and the decrease in marriage in general.

    Perhaps this is more worth focusing on than just same-sex relationships. Under 50 % of heterosexual individuals remain married despite their relationships being enshrined in law for… as long as there has been law.

  2. Under 50 % of heterosexual individuals remain married

    That’s not quite correct. The article does not state that under 50% remain married. It states that 48.5% are married. The 51.5% of the population reported as unmarried include those who have never been married and those who are widowed.

    Those percentages do not reflect how many of the widowed, unmarried and divorced value marriage, and how many of the married do not value marriage.

    While it does show there are fewer married people as a percentage, it does not mention if there is more celibacy, if there is an increase in widowed persons, or if there are other factors for a lower percentage than simply “the eroding of the institution of marriage.”

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