Leashes and spiritual giants

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Spoken over the pulpit today:

Brethren, we are spiritual giants. Sisters, you hold the leashes around our necks.

11 thoughts on “Leashes and spiritual giants

  1. That threw me for a loop, I can’t imagine leading you on a leash and find the idea insulting to both you and I.

    I am giving the speaker the benefit of the doubt, however and assuming he was trying to make a joke.

  2. Wow, I sure hope you didn’t say “amen” when he was done. That’s troubling and confusing and just plain icky.

  3. Yuck!

    Two weeks ago my hubby spoke in church about the plan of salvation. His take on it was an intellectual approach about how God values human dignity.

    He thinks the closing prayer, emphatically praising the Lord for the “simpleness” of the Plan of Salvation, was a salvo aimed at him.

  4. oh is that what it’s called? A leash? I thought all these years it was his tie I was yanking on him to get him to stop talking and take me home :)

  5. Men are the head of the family and women are the neck. Remember she is the one who can turn you in any direction she wants.

    Thats just an homage to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  6. :) I can’t imagine EVER being able to turn Kim to make a decision he doesn’t want to make. Seriously. People always think that Kim will change his mind (and he does if it needs changing) but on certain issues I know for a fact there is no point in trying to sway him a different way. His mind is set and that’s that. I don’t even try. And I honestly don’t think it is my job to do so, lol.

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