Foreign Visitors

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Seen on a sign outside a Canadian restaurant:

Welcome all American and foreign visitors

7 thoughts on “Foreign Visitors

  1. Maybe it has an American owner? Don’t you have to take Mayor Magrath Drive to get back to the border? I’ve gotten lost in Lethbridge that way a couple of times.

  2. Or maybe it’s because southern Albertans don’t consider the United States to be a foreign country.

    You don’t have to take Mayor Magrath. You could take 43rd, 20th or Scenic Drive.

  3. I think it’s a southern Alberta thing….there’s a strong American pull there!! Ever driven around around July 1/July 4? Especially in small towns like Raymond. The American flags are as abundant as the Canadian flags!

  4. Maybe because the Americans don’t figure out they’re foreigners. If the sign just said “welcome foreign visitors” you’d have miffed Americans who feel left out of the welcome, since many Americans refuse to classify themselves as foreigners.

    Okay, I take that partly back. Americans think of themselves as foreigners if they don’t like what’s around them.

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