Sealing Ancestors

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My parents were out for the week and we went to the temple today. While there, Mary and I had some of my ancestors sealed. We sealed my paternal grandfather, his parents, and both sets of his grandparents. We also sealed his wife and her parents.

I don’t have much to say that is insightful, but today feels like a good day.

6 thoughts on “Sealing Ancestors

  1. What a wonderful day to report! I always feel great when I can add more family members to our eternal family. Congratulations!

  2. Kim, I am anxious to head to the temple in 2008. I missed our stake leadership temple session on the 27th due to work.

    Btw- Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  3. Although Sarah and Nicolas are now divorced, probably the best temple day of Bill’s life is when Sarah went through the temple for his mother and later, Nick was the proxy for his dad as he knelt with his daughter and her husband and was sealed to his parents. Everybody in the room was crying.

    When I do work for my ancestors, I feel closer to them and imagine them with me. I know somebody must be with me, but I don’t feel it much, except for my Aunt Edith, whose personality is so strong that it’s undeniable. And I’m so grateful for that because I need her and she’s there for me. I keep saying, “It’s okay, Aunt Edith, I know Paula (her totally screwed up daughter) needs you.”

    And I hear her voice softly saying, “I’m here, Paula is okay.” And I swear to you know who she talks me through some of my saddest moments. I’ve never felt that before. Never.

    I believe that when my mother dies, she will be with us as she never was in life.

  4. I’ve felt closer to both of my grandfathers while doing their work.

    One time when I lived in Vancouver, Mary and I went down to the Seattle temple to help with a youth baptism trip. One of the members of my elders quorum had the work done for his dad. That was an emotional time for him.

  5. I am glad you finally got the work done. You worked so hard at gathering all the information together and Dad and I were more then happy to have helped you get them sealed to one another. Thank you as well for helping us do our ancestors. It was a wondrous day for all our ancestors last week!

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