President Hinckley died

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President Hinckley died today. Two thoughts entered my mind:

1. I was disappointed to learn he wouldn’t be the first president to hit 100 after all. I really thought he would.
2. Marjorie Hinckley must be so happy right now.

10 thoughts on “President Hinckley died

  1. I am sad for us, and will miss him very much.

    But I am happy for Sis Hinckley. she was waiting for him.

  2. A couple other thoughts.

    I was never able to imagine President Monson on President Hinckley’s place. I guess I don’t need to imagine it now.

    Our youngest daughter will never know President Hinckley. He will always be a picture to her. Even our oldest two will have few memories of him. Yet of the five presidents in my lifetime, President Hinckley holds the most vivid memories in my mind.

  3. One of the first thoughts I had was how will the church change under the leadership of Monson? Will he continue the same programs as Hinckley or have more compassion towards the members? His talks tend to make me believe he will have more compassion than Hinckley.

  4. I was also sad for my 2-year old daughter… she started recognizing President Hinckley in pictures a couple of months ago and would call him “Pra (short for “prophet”) Hinckey.”

    President Hinckley has been the prophet for my entire teenage-through adult life, and it’s going to be different without him. I’m happy for him, though. I think he deserves a break and to be with his wife.

  5. My thought was I guess he won’t be here to dedicate our new temple. Our heads knew it would probably never come true when he said it but our hearts sure hoped it would.

  6. President Hinckley has done so much for so many. I honor him as a prophet, and friend. He specially loved the youth of the church. He has been a super optimistic in the face of some of the most troubling times this world has ever faced.

  7. One more thought while noticing my Institute diploma. From this point on, no graduates of the Institute programme will have President Hinckley’s signature on their diploma.

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