Great Greater Greatest

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I was on another person’s blog and they had this test to see if people out there that lurk while they read your posts, can help see if they are related to you and perhaps you are able to find some lost ancestor. I hope I get TONS of replies to this. Come on.. it’s easy!! You do great, great great and great great great grandparents

* Jean-Baptiste Cloutier
* Sarah Pronovost
* David Beauvais
* Maximia Gibeault
* Napoleon Arthur Joseph Prive
* Josephine Langlois
* Jean Provencal
* Louise Lallier

GG Grandparents

* Uldoric Cloutier
* Philomene Trottier
* Joseph Pronovost
* Adelaide Despiens
* Jean-Baptiste Beauvais
* Hermine Demeres
* Casimir Gibeault
* Arthemise Robert
* Jean-Baptise Provencal
* Ester MacDonald
* Louis Lallier
* Lumina Lafontaine
* Francois Xavier Prive
* Dorothee Chicoine
* Alfred Langlois
* Marie Louise Cloure

GGG Grandparents

* Louis Cloutier
* Sophie Frigon
* Jean Trottier
* Joseph St. Arnaud
* Francois Pronovost
* Marie Anne Veilet
* Louis Lefebvre
* Adele Brassard
* Camille Beauvais
* Adelaide Morotte
* Jacques Demers
* Zoe Pinsonneault
* Antoine Robert
* Elenore Jolinet
* Jean Provencal
* Angelique Emond
* James MacDonald
* Marceline Mary Lettre
* Israel Lallier
* Margarit Baril
* Oliver Lafontaine
* Euphrosine Poirier
* Joseph Prive
* Catherine Meunier
* Pierre Rene Chicoine
* Julie Dansereau
* Henri Langlois
* Henriette Chagnon
* John Cloure
* Mary Cloure

9 thoughts on “Great Greater Greatest

  1. Well, there’s gotta be more Danish and Scandinavians on there if I’m going to find a match. Sorry!

  2. I seem to have quite a few names mentioned above based on the Ponteix, Saskatchewan history book. These names will be updated on My database is “ndescottes”.
    I’ve added 73 family lines so far and still have about 75 more families which will be updated in about a week or so.
    From Nicole

  3. No, I live in Craven. Hubby and I visited a couple in Ponteix last year for the first time and fell in love with the area. I plan to go back next year to do the Ponteix cemetery transcriptions and put it on the website Saskatchewan Cemetery Project. Also plan to do Gravelbourg also along with the cemetery transcriptions.

    From Nicole (ndescottes at Contact me personally at my email addy.

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