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We attended the broadcast of President HInckely’s funeral. As I was thinking about his life, and specifically the last 13 years, I felt impressed to write a poem. This is what I concocted:

A man who worked.
A man who taught.
A man who led the way.

A man who ran.
A man who fought
A good fight every day.

A man who built.
A man who planned.
A man who always pulled.

A man who hoped.
A man who knew
A glass was always full.

A man who smiled.
A man who laughed;
A twinkle in his eye.

A man who loved.
A man who saw
A need to always try.

6 thoughts on “Hinckley

  1. That’s a beautiful poem. It touched my heart that he still mourned the loss of his wife even after 2 years. I recently had a baby that was stillborn and sometimes I feel obligated to not continue to express sadness over the loss. It was comforting to me to know that a prophet of God, someone who probably knows more clearly than any of us the Plan of Salvation still cried over the loss. He was truly an inspiration. He makes me want to stand a little taller, be a little kinder, and do a little better.

  2. Dawn

    Oh I am so sorry about the loss of your baby. Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t express sadness over your loss. It is present always and though it may ease with time, it is still there. Your baby is always your child and that never changes. Of course you will always miss your child. Although we do know the plan of Salvation, we still need to mourn.

    Pres Hinckley makes me feel the same way. I am so grateful to him for his enduring example.

  3. I enjoyed your poem.

    Another tribute I enjoyed was the one Glenn Beck gave in “a personal note” at the end of one of his recent programs. Did you hear it?

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