Garments at the gym

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If you go to to the gym, do your hide your garments while you change?


14 thoughts on “Garments at the gym

  1. I quit wearing garments several years ago, but back when I still wore them, I would make small concessions to hide the marks, perhaps, but nothing major. I might, for example, remove my t-shirt and garment top at the same time so that I’m not standing around in only my garment top. Or I might put my garments in my pants, first, and then put them on together, rather than the garments first and pants second.

  2. I stopped wearing garments a couple years ago but when I did wear them, I couldn’t get out of them fast enough. I work out in our office fitness center and the thought of my co-workers seeing me wear strange undies was more than I could take and it totally freaked me out. I could just hear the snide remarks made behind my back if I was ever caught in them so I made sure it never happened. A couple close calls sent my heart pounding, though.

  3. Hmm.. I am so comfortable in them, including when I exercise (and I workout hard), it just doesn’t bother me. I don’t comment on anyone else’s underwear I don’t see why anyone would worry about mine (or should, I mean good grief, it’s underwear). I basically do what SingleSpeed does when I change at the gym, which is rare. I usually just come straight home and change and shower since it takes me minutes to get home and my time is short.

  4. I see undies and notice them all the time– and I am definitely a straight female. I guess I love pretty underclothes and am always noticing what others are wearing. But, let’s face it, garments are by no means normal in any way and would be very noticeable by anyone in the locker room. I work in a very gossiping business and have a very high profile job so I can just hear it now. No thanks.

    On another topic… I have no idea how anyone works out hard in garments. I work out hard, too, and I can barely manage keeping on jogging shorts and a jog bra. Sometimes a tank over the jog bra but if I’m on a long run, I can’t even manage that. If I wore garments (which would mean an extra layer, longer running shorts or pants, plus a shirt with sleeves on it, I would literally collapse from heat exhaustion.

  5. Well, I can deal with the heat and I have a low basal body temperature already so maybe that’s why, and they have fans at the gym, or a good strong wind outside so I am fine with it. I just make sure my workout trousers have a a good strong elastic or tie up because THAT can be the issue when I am running hard.

    Ah well, I don’t have to work in a gossiping business and don’t worry about underwear and I don’t consider garments to be abnormal. But then there are so many people who like to wear their underwear OUTSIDE their clothing and that is rather strange…

  6. I used to be secretive about changing, especially considering I wear a one piecer. Recently, though, I have considered how adherents of other religions (Sikhs, some Muslims, some Jews, etc) seem to be confident in their religious clothing. I figure I should be the same. If someone does stare or snicker, who cares.

    On the other hand I don’t flaunt them or parade around the locker room in them.

  7. Mary-
    I usually wear my garments while I exercise, too. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me and I don’t feel like I’m “defiling” them. But then again, I’m not a marathoner, so it doesn’t really matter. :)

    I don’t work-out in a gym, and if I did, I would probably just go home to shower and change. I don’t like public nudity (call me a prude), and like you Mary, my time is very short (I have four children under the age of 7). So most exercise is done at home.

    But there’s nothing wrong with trying to cover the garments. Sure, they’re underwear, but they are sacred, too.

  8. Mary, I’m suprised you find garments are wearable during yoga. That’s cool if you do, but I can’t seem to make that combination work for me. It seems almost as impractical as wearing them to go swimming.

  9. nah! I don’t care who sees my garments while I’m at gym and I wear a one-piecer. I used to care some years back but now, I don’t pay much attention. I just try to change as quick as possible.

  10. Yes i go to gim and when i change i dont hide my garments while i change them because they are cool and are of good brand and are easy to wear.

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