Politicians and Faith

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Ok, with the Alberta elections underway and a federal election (it seems) just around the corner, I was wondering what people’s views were on faith as it influences the political process.

Do you immediately trust a politician of your faith more than one of another faith?

Would you vote for a person who claims no faith, or will not speak about their faith?

Is there a particular faith, whose adherents you would not want to see elected?

To what extent would a good platform or policies change the emphasis you put on the faith of the candidates?

9 thoughts on “Politicians and Faith

  1. Faith is a non-issue for me. Just like I wouldn’t want faith to play a part in public policy, I don’t let faith dictate my political choices.

  2. I’ll say that faith is definitely a considerable factor with decisions I make about politicians.

    I would not, for instance, elect a Scientologist to public office – ever.

    As a matter of fact, I generally find that the less a politician puts his faith into his campaign, the more likely I am to listen to his position on the issues.

  3. I think a politician’s moral compass is far more important than their faith.

    For me, the less they talk about a belief in the supernatural the better.

    Some might say the moral compass is intrinsically tied to faith, but I disagree.

  4. I concur with Jeff. And I think this is what Kim means too, he wouldn’t vote because of their religion. I certainly wont’ vote for someone just because they are LDS. I know many who would though!!

  5. I wouldn’t vote for someone just because of their religion. Membership in any certain religion does not equal adherance to the morals associated with that religion. Their views on all issues must be taken into account.

    Though I may be inclined to vote for a devout Buddhist.

  6. I vote based on the politician’s position on the issues and that is all. For instance, I was far more partial to Ron Paul (really a Libertarian)than Romney.

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