Wealth and religiosity correlation

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I came across this website, which details a study done PewResearchCenter entitled Pew Global Attitudes Project. Part of the study shows a correlation between how religious someone is and how much money someone makes.

Graph showing relationship between wealth and religiosity


5 thoughts on “Wealth and religiosity correlation

  1. Isn’t it interesting that Kuwait and the US are noticeably off-trend?

    I wonder what the graph would look like if you excluded the top 5% of earners in all the countries…

  2. I thought the same thing about US and Kuwait. I also assumed Israel would be off trend considering it was founded as a religious state (more or less).

  3. I don’t have time to read the study at the moment, but the first thing I would want to know is what questions were on the religiosity scale. Most of the scales that I’ve seen place a large emphasis on participation in organized religious activities. People who earn more also tend to spend more time working, so they have less time available to commit to organized religious activities, which really isn’t very surprising at all.

  4. I probably should have waited to reply. I was reading the graph as individual (not national) wealth/religiosity.

    Having read through the report, I’m left with a lot more questions. I’d love to see how the numbers breakdown on an individual respondent level, but it doesn’t look like the survey asked about personal income levels.

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