LDS missionaries vandalize Catholic shrine

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LDS missionaries vandalize Catholic shrine

3 thoughts on “LDS missionaries vandalize Catholic shrine

  1. funny how mormons claim they are so persecuted yet they do things like this… so much for love of Christ! Im sorry but they desecrated sacred ground and I for one will think twice about my “mormon brothers”. Symeon

  2. Symeon

    Remember this was a few individuals, not all members of the Church. The church condemns this type of behaviour.

    Funny how some people condemn a whole religion based on the actions of a few.

  3. Hooliganism is not a “Mormon” trait… it is a human trait…although mostly english soccer fans if I remember correctly… Hey were any of these guys english?

    However, that being said, I have come to expect more from Mormon missionaries. Especially living in a small western town of 8,000 with 3 mormon wards and 2 stake houses.

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