Priesthood Blessings and God’s Time

Last week I had an experience that was not new to me. Nevertheless, it didn’t make it much easier. During this time, I had a blessing, assuring me that all was well and the outcome would be what I expected. Alright, I know this sounds cryptic, but this isn’t the real purpose of the post, it leads up to it.

The blessing seemed to not hold true. What I was told, didn’t happen. Or at least, from my perspective (and pretty much every other human being who heard it would conclude the same).

I spent a week being mournful and cranky. Not losing my faith, no, but still wondering what the heck was going on. Were my ears deceiving me? Do I no longer interpret spiritual answers? Am I not worthy to receive answers? (This last one suited the pity party I like to have when things don’t go my way).

I came to a realisation. First, the same promise and answer had been given in 2 previous blessings for the same situation that ended up with the same outcome. The same answer also (or similar) came for a similar situation with a different outcome.

And then my other realisation. The Lord does not work on my time, or your time or any human being’s time. He works on His own, which encompasses all time, past, present and future. So what I perceive as should be happening now, on my own schedule, does not necessarily mesh with His schedule, or perception of scheduling. What has yet to happen for me, is a given, or rather will be and to Him, it is part of the current time.

Isn’t a 1000 years as a day to Him? Then this makes sense to me. At least it gives me more understanding and comfort.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if an LDS Canadian could walk through his meetinghouse and see room labels in Canadian English?

Wouldn’t it be nice if an LDS Canadian could flip to the back of a hymnal and not see the Star Spangled Banner, and “O, Canada” wasn’t a photocopied paper taped in its place?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a new hymnal released and hymns from outside of Utah were included in it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if speakers at conference could speak in their native tongue?

Wouldn’t it be nice if non-American anglophones could get a Book of Mormon in the English they speak?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find pictures of interracial relationships in the Ensign?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pioneer Day started evolving in a way that incorporates the pioneers of the last 50 years (e.g. Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe)?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “Places to Visit” page on LDS.ORG had more non-American sites (e.g. Charles Ora Card’s home in Cardston, Black Creek Monument in Ontario)?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Pageants page on LDS.ORG listed non-American pageants (e.g. Lethbridge’s Nativity Pageant)?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Ensign articles that mention a US city and state (e.g. Billings, Montana) included USA after them (e.g. Billings, Montana, USA)?

Why did Lehi ignore some of his grandchildren?

I was reading in 2 Ne. 4 the other day, and I noticed something interesting. Lehi is old and sure he will die soon. As a result, he wants to bless his posterity.

In verses 3 through 7, he addresses Laman’s children, and he addresses Lemuel’s children in verses 8 and 9. He then speaks to Ishmael’s sons, which is kind of interesting in itself.

Two things I find interesting interesting though are that he addresses Sam rather than Sam’s children, and he doesn’t address Nephi or Nephi’s children.

I wonder why that is.