Five men busted in Lethbridge prostitution sting

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Five men busted in Lethbridge prostitution sting

6 thoughts on “Five men busted in Lethbridge prostitution sting

  1. “typically prostitutes are found along 4 Street and 5 Street between 2 Avenue and 4 Avenue South”

    Good to know, I guess.
    It also happens to be right outside my office building…

  2. They don’t stick out though. You’d have to be looking to know. The average person would think they were just some other passersby.

  3. Having to drive through the area described fairly frequently, I’ve noticed three different hookers at different times. I don’t stop to chat, but at red lights they will attempt to establish eye contact and once that’s made, they’ll give a little nod. I’m assuming they’re hookers. Either that or they’re very friendly and just like to hang out in the same places downtown on warm evenings!

  4. Note to self: stop nodding at drivers while waiting to cross intersections…

  5. LOL – Rick I imagine they’ll just be more interested….playing hard to get only gets them excited! :D

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