General Conference Open Thread – April 2008

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Post your thoughts on the April General Conference here.

22 thoughts on “General Conference Open Thread – April 2008

  1. Your “previous post, next post” links above the comment box on this post are funny. “Five men busted in Lethbridge prostitution sting. Who will be the new apostle?”

  2. Hey guys, well it has been fun stretching cords across the living room once again to watch Only problem with Bell as opposed to Shaw here in Alberta.

    Oh well it still works not too bad in Firefox.

  3. When we were in the UK back when the Internet was very slow, we had it on Windows Media player on our 15 inch monitor. You could kinda see what was going on but at least you could hear them.

    So now having TV quality is soooo much better.

  4. Sorry for no commentary yesterday. Our Internet went down and there’s no wireless at the church.

    I really liked Elder Ballard’s talk and Elder Holland’s talk.

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