Mormons are stupid

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At least according to one of Russia’s leading psychiatrists:

Mormons distinguish themselves from other similar organizations in one horrible way?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùthey practice inbreeding . . . As a rule, they have a low level of intelligence.

6 thoughts on “Mormons are stupid

  1. Inbreeding???? Yuck! Obviously he doesn’t know any Mormons. Or Latter day Saints, either.

  2. Hmmmm….the irony of someone writing an article of how Mormon’s are stupid because of inbreeding…

    No comment needed really.

    Love it.

  3. Does this psychiatrist work for the Kremlin?
    Since Putin and Gang are slowly turning back the clock, I would expect to see these kind of statements about anything that could interfere with their plans.

  4. LDS members are no more slaves to their religion than any other religious group. Most people raised in any church are literally unable to hear anything negative about their religion. Their “programmed thinking” immediately kicks in. It’s too bad that man is the only animal that knows he is going to die, for that is the only reason religion exists.

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