An unlucky year

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Somehow, the number 13 gained a reputation for being unlucky. You might see high rise buildings with no 13th floor for example.

Not for me though. I’ve been pretty lucky. Today marks 13 years since Mary and I married in the Seattle temple.

I’ve done some pretty stupid things in the last 13 years, but Mary forgave me. I’ve been nearly abandoned hope within the last 13 years, but Mary offered me support. I’ve jumped from job to job and project to project, but Mary’s been patient.

It’s been an entirely lucky 13 years, and this year’s already shaping up with positive happenings.

I’ve enjoyed the last 13 years, and I can’t believe nearly 2/5 of my life has been spent married.

Which is fine with me.

I love you, Mary.

14 thoughts on “An unlucky year

  1. 13 is Dad’s lucky number :) That is what makes marriages work.. opposites.. you each balance the other out on your strengths and weaknesses and you have the gospel in your life. What more could a parent ask for in their adult married children? Well besides living closer :-D

    Congratulations! We are both very happy for you!

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