Satan’s logo

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Came across this today.

spiral form made out of 3 sixes.

7 thoughts on “Satan’s logo

  1. Did John write in Arabic (or Roman) numbers?

    Wouldn’t it look more like DCLXVI? If one wanted to be crazy he might interpret this as washington DC (corrupt government), Los Angles (corrupt culture), and Virginia (corrupt secret – alphabet soup – government)

  2. I’m not of english mothers thong.
    I’m just a theologian… (please be patient) very interested by this phenomena of “Satan’s evocation”.
    That’s because, to me, this figure is’nt a real “leaving” bee, but only a mystical and traditionnal re-presentation, in specific or particular culture. which belongs to near East biblical heritage !
    So, i realy don’t understand why is it possible in this 21st century, among the very amples and reaches results of researches to steel speak about so a mythological person. As well as it could’nt be singular, while that representation belongs to a large mythological vision in a way to explain that this “spiritual” form is preasent in every “living” form, as a opposit spirit to an other vision of life, world, others a.s.o.
    this personification is so unalowing like this – for exemple – of “Jupiter” divinity today !… I think.
    I’m also quiet to tell about as i’ve lost – for my part – and after more than 20 years (after studies) the “original” or “traditionnal” churches faith !

    I very obliged to you to explain in response (if possible) and thank you so much for it.

    Kind regards,


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