Needing & Giving

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Shortly after Alma the Younger gave up his political position as chief judge to devote more time to his ecclesiastical position, he was commanded to go to Ammonihah. Rejected, he turned away, only to be visited by the same angel who had appeared to him and the sons of Mosiah about ten years earlier, and commanded to return to that city.

It was there he met Amulek. Amulek took him in, fed him, let him stay in his home, and even joined him in his missionary efforts. They became a great companionship, confounding the sly and inspiring the poor. They nearly spent a decade together, and had done much to strengthen the Church in the Nephite lands.

While it seemed that Alma had given up a political career for the ministry, Amulek gave up much more. Amulek was well off, and it may be safe to assume he had a successful business. He gave it all up to help Alma. Many of his friends, and even his family, rejected him for his decisions to serve a mission.

Alma recognised the trials his companion had gone through and, upon arriving at his hometown of Zarahemla to preach there, took Amulek to his own home. It was his turn to be the comforter. They stayed a while in that home, Alma strengthening Amulek and offering him comfort.

One in need. The other giving. Oftentimes our own lives are like that, sometimes in need, sometimes we’re giving.

The most important thing to remember is that we never give to others expecting someone will give to us or because they once gave to us. We give to others because that is what the Saviour would do.

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