Stake Conference Open Thread

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What did you think of today’s cross-Canada stake conference?

8 thoughts on “Stake Conference Open Thread

  1. I would sure LOVE to hear what you were told there. Especially since I live in Michigan so close to Canada!

  2. Well Pres Monson hinted at more temples to be announced for Canada. :)

    I very much enjoyed the conference and especially Sis Gibb’s talk.

  3. I liked Elder Snow’s comments about his son and fishing. It made me think about my own faith (or lack thereof) and how I can change my attitude to prayer. President Monson is hilarious! I loved how he said “more temples are coming (pause), but I won’t reveal more”. He has a wonderful spirit. I liked the gyst of Sister Gibb’s talk and what she was getting at, but the sing-song voice and the overly dramatic presentation kind of made me cringe. Overall, though, I thought it was a wonderfully spiritual day.

  4. I thought it was great. I asked me 5 year old to pray that they’ll announce a temple for Calgary. :0)

    I enjoyed all the When Sister Gibb started talking my 5 year old popped up from his coloring book for a moment and said, ‘that lady smiles too much!’ However, I loved her message.

    My daughter said when the prophet was speaking she could feel her heart burning. Loved that!

  5. Man it would have been excellent if my kids were a little less busy, but I say that every sunday.

    I really enjoyed Elder Ballard’s talk, especially when he talked about his grandfather.

    And I loved President Monson talking about the families in Canada, my family were Baptised in Toronto in the early 1970s so we were there when Elder Ballard was President.

  6. One thing I found interesting was that whenever a speaker talked in inclusive terms about the country, they always left out the territories (i.e. east to west, sea to sea, Atlantic to Pacific, Eastern Canada and Western Canada, etc).

  7. I just found out here that President Monson was originally supposed to broadcast from Salt Lake City, but secretly decided to come to Canada at the last minute.

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