Kirby Heyborne Beer Commercial

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Kirby Heyborne (Singles Ward, RM, The Best Two Years, Saints and Soldiers) recently acted in a commercial for US brewer Miller. Here’s the video:

Any thoughts?

233 thoughts on “Kirby Heyborne Beer Commercial

  1. “Looser than what?” LOL! This made me laugh.

    Kim- thanks for staying on top of things. You’re awesome!!! I am grateful to you.
    This crap is very upsetting to me. And you know what I’m talking about.

    “Bud light”?? hahahaha

  2. I guess people are upset because they got dissappointed with their role model. That happens. I read an interview with Kirby and he did mention that he was going through some financial hardships when the offer came along. He saw it as a blessing from God and that He was watching over him. Some may see it as a blessing, others as a test of faith but it’s up to the person in the situation to decide.

    There are many things that we don’t know about his life and especially what goes on in his heart. Sometimes the Lord asks us to do many crazy things that we are not sure why. I mean, imagine how Nephi felt when the Lord told him to kill Laban. Maybe this commercial was Kirby’s Laban. Or on the other hand, maybe it was a bad decision and he’ll suffer for it for a while because President Hinckley did say “avoid all appearance of evil.” But, and a big BUT we don’t know which case applies because it’s not our life, it’s not our heart, it’s not our career, bottom line is, it’s none of our business. I’m sure the Lord still loves him no matter what he does and He will still bless him because he is His child and who are we to crucify him for a commercial that soon we won’t even remember. Just as Christ said, those without sin cast the first stone…

  3. HOLY COW!! Gee all this time I thought people did as I did during commercials.. get up and do something else for 3 minutes… I had to ask who this Kirby was from another of Kim’s posts.

    62 here is my answer to you.. “Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?”

    I worked as a nurse and then at a hotel as a hotel controller for many years which meant I worked a lot of Sundays, so technically it must have meant I supported a group whose teachings went against the teachings of the Church in regards to keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

    As for all the comments stating disappointments for this man’s commercial, are you kidding me??? When did we start living in glass houses? Do we really have nothing better to teach our children/grandchildren other then the merits of one man’s commercial?

    As for the supposedly millions of kids watching so much TV all I can say is STEP AWAY FROM THE TV!! Watching that much TV will result in radiation poisoning or spirits popping out from too much white noise… good grief.. get a life people.. contrary to popular belief the world does not revolve around an actor’s life.

    And regardless of that, do you really think most people are going to go Google what props are used in a commercial or movie to find out whether a cigarette is herbal or whether a bottle actually holds apple juice?

  4. What I find deeply disturbing is how so many people on here have their judgment caps on… so for all you…

    Do you have any idea what it takes to make money as an actor? He’s really serious about it… he really wants to do it. What’s your problem? It’s not like the LDS movie scene is making millions of dollars for its actors. I’d have taken the job too… get off your holy stands and get in the real world.

    If that wasn’t blunt enough, how’s this: The porn industry makes BILLIONS yearly. Do you seriously believe that some of that money isn’t spent at Mormon establishments? So let’s say you run a restaurant. If someone from a known porn company comes in, do you shoo them from the establishment? Probably no. They’re paying customers. So you serve them, however grudgingly, but you take their money. And it spends the same.

    Let’s reverse it. You’re looking for a job, and nobody’s hiring. You need money, but then something comes up at a grocery store where they are gasp open on Sundays. Do you reject the job on principle?

    Face it. If your kids are looking to TV personalities as role models, you are failing as a parent (i.e. it’s your fault, not Kirby’s or any other celebrity). If you can’t explain this thing with Kirby to them (should they ask), you are not preparing them to live in the real world. If you are judging Kirby to be less perfect than you, there’s probably a beam stuck in your eye.

    Thank goodness God judges perfectly.


  5. LOL!

    Toadicus, the original post pretty much asked people to put on their judgement caps and respond.

    And, if you re-read what you wrote, it looks like you have your’s on pretty snug as well!

  6. JM…

    No, that’s NOT what the original post said. It asked (and i quote) “Any thoughts?”. I just can’t see how that translated to your telling me that I’m doing the same thing.

    Let me put that in context for you. Did Christ call someone a hypocrite? He sure did. Who? Pharisees. Why? Because they judged others when they themselves didn’t obey the same laws.

    So you say that my judgment cap was on as well? If you say so. Personally, I don’t equate myself to Christ, but I think that he probably would have said something similar. I don’t stand in judgment of Kirby, or you, or anyone else on this board; however, calling a spade a spade is a statement of fact; nobody on this board, however, can judge Kirby’s being in this video, yet many have.

    I’m not saying I’m perfect; and I certainly get very upset about this, because imho LDS genre movies are (in general) pathetic, to say the least. I think Kirby is a fine actor, and he’s done a good job in the ones I’ve seen… so now what, an actor pursues his craft and we shut him down? Brilliant.

    I don’t know what I would have done in that situation. Neither does ANYONE on here, unless they’re Kirby. So if you’re going to make a judgment call, keep that in mind.

    So no, I can’t agree with you. And I’ve reread what I said.

  7. Motes and Beams, Toadicus. For someone who isn’t being ‘judgmental’ you are pretty heated up about an issue that doesn’t need that much attention. I agree, people shouldn’t judge Kirby, but he got what he wanted, publicity. :) He’s a performer after all.

  8. Mary, perhaps you didn’t understand. I’m not claiming I’m not wearing my judgment cap – but in the context of judging Kirby Heyborne’s appearance of evil, I’m not.

    Let me put my position in context. We actually discussed this IN CHURCH ON SUNDAY AS PART OF A CLASS. And I was amazed at how much people were willing to hold that beam in their own eyes in class. I made reference to Joseph F. Smith’s capitulation on the bar addition in the Hotel Utah, and as a result practically got the silent treatment from ward members. So reading posts here pretty much set me off.

    Do I judge Kirby Heyborne to have done something evil? I don’t know one way or the other; I recognize the appearance of evil but I have no idea what the situation is. How could I?

    Do I judge hypocrisy and condescension from my fellow ward members and from people (but not all) from this forum? Yep, I do. It’s easy to identify that they have the same perspective I do, which is, they have no idea what the situation is, and therefore shouldn’t judge… and yet they do. To me, that’s an identifiable wrong. Am I making a judgment of them? Of course. Is it a righteous one? God will judge.

  9. Toadicus

    I do understand. I just think you are beating a dead horse. Most people aren’t judging Kirby, if you read all the comments on this and another related post, but it’s taking too much energy to get as heated as you seem to be getting. I was an original one who said not to judge Kirby, as were many others. The ones who do judge him are mostly commenters and not regular posters here.

    But I don’t think Kirby is worried about that right now. His career is looking up.

    Ok, I will leave it and do as JM is doing. If you want to carry it on, I would suggest posting about this on your own blog.

  10. Oh and ‘posts here’ set you of or ‘comments’ set you off. If you want controversy and bucking the trend, you will find that among many of the actual posts (remember a post is the original writing, comments are on the posts).

  11. did anyone see the comercial where he was getting shot by Mr T with snickers for speed walking? Does that mean he;s gay for walking funny? No hes acting!

  12. Why’d Miller single out Kirby for the acting position? He’s LDS and we all know they don’t drink alcohol. What, is it Miller’s hope that Kirby will break down the 13 million members and open up their revenues? KEEP DREAMING!

  13. It was a job. He auditioned, and accepted it. The company didn’t single him out (besides that it would be their advertising company that filmed the commercial). And no company is going to have any worries or ulterior motives regarding an employee or actor. They hire who auditions and is best suited for the job according to what they will do. Kirby is the one who made the decision to take the job. I highly doubt Miller is concerned about members of the church drinking alcohol…

    And LDS aren’t SUPPOSED to drink alcohol but that doesn’t mean every single member is alcohol free. Let’s not be naive now.

  14. Roger and others,

    I am pretty sure it’s not up to you to forgive. Many of you people who comment on this are are pathetically judgmental and are the same folks who drive members away from the Church with your self-righteous, holier-than-thou aspersions. It is sad, so sad. Kirby is an excellent person. He does not drink alcohol nor endorse consumption. He does, however, do what is necessary and proper to provide for his family. I think a few of you need to study the scriptures with a bit more objectivity. The stories are about you, that’s right, you, Rameumptom.

    1. I don’t think Kirby is a bad person, but I don’t agree with his decision either. How can you teach people not to drink and then turn around and in effect endorse it by doing a commercial to promote it?

  15. It doesn’t actually depict Kirby drinking anything, and he’s an actor, Acting in commercials is what they do. While it may be viewed negatively by members of his faith (and mine), we’re in a situation with a bad economy, and he needs to support his family. Too bad for those of you who are too self-righteous to realize that.

    BTW, if people think their kids are going to start drinking b/c they saw Kirby doing it, they need to spend more time with their own kids. Bad parenting = blaming others for your lack of responsibility.

  16. I from argentina an i said: I think it is wrong what he did kirby because many people with weak faith will see his example, that despite this action, if The Savior was at his side, it would still act?

  17. Nevertheless, endorsing something which contributes to so much misery and trouble throughout the world is a less than spiritual act in my opinion.

    There are plenty of far more worthwhile products and services which could easily have been chosen instead.

  18. It’s amazing to me how sheltered some LDS members are.

    Look, he’s an actor, this is his profession. People’s professions rarely directly mimick the beliefs of their religions.

    So he was in a beer commercial… so what? Who is anyone else to judge him? It didn’t even show him taking a drink. Mormons are one of THE MOST judgemental groups of people out there.

    Everyone take a deep breath…. relax, and move on :)

    1. I would be nice to live in a world where professions did not interfere with beliefs.

  19. dunno, but somehow I wasn’t impressed by this video…you know, I used to watch some Russian beer commercials, wow, that is really something! some of them are funny as well, but most of them imply to men’s best qualities, like courage, duty, love for freedome… hard to connect all that to beer, but the effect they produce is unbearably strong.

  20. This is a really stupid topic. I have built bars before where they drink beer. Is that wrong? No, I was using my skills to feed my family. It’s exactly the same to me. When my job trailer is in front of the bar that is being built, it’s telling the world that I build bars, not that I like beer. He is telling the world that he acts in commercials, not that he drinks beer.

  21. You must be really naive if you think the beer industry didn’t know exactly what they were doing when they asked a very prominent mormon actor to star in their beer commercials. They were hoping for this kind of reaction. They are trying to generate that type of interest. It helps sell their product and gives them free advertising to have all these people talking about it. And we are all playing right into their hands. Doesn’t the word of wisdom say something about “evil and conspiring men”? Kirby was a pawn in their scheme and he made money for doing it. I’m sure it was very hard to pass up the amount of money he got for it. We have all made mistakes that we regret later. Unfortunately for Kirby IF he regrets doing this it was a very public mistake.

  22. Right, because Mormons have such a big influence on beer consumption trends.

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