Poll: Should Mormons to wear garments?

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I have seen some members of the Church wear garments even when they have holes in them



12 thoughts on “Poll: Should Mormons to wear garments?

  1. Where exactly are you checking out people’s ratty garments?? lol
    I think I’ll abstain from this poll. NMB

  2. Remember, Dawn, I live in Southern Alberta. There are Mormons at my gym. Besides, I served a mission.

    The poll is entirely anonymous. If you voted, we’d have no idea how you voted.

  3. Hmmm…what’s strange and weird about it? It’s just underwear. Maybe we should do a poll on ties instead.

  4. I wear them into the ground, mostly because I can not afford to regularly replace them. But if I was to lie I would quote Alma 5:53 and act smug about it.

  5. Well, I would assume most people would like nice white ratty-free underwear. I have never really thought to delve into whether or not theirs was ratty and whether or not that was appropriate.

    I also live in Southern Alberta. And I served a mission. And I see garments at my gym too – but I don’t check them out to decide whether or not I think they should be replaced.

    Maybe just go buy yourself some new pairs. Sounds like you’re feeling a little bit of guilt. :0)

  6. That is, assuming they previously had one and for some reason it has lapsed or they are no longer worthy to hold one. Does this mean they stop wearing garments altogether?

  7. It was really tempting to say no but some people simply can not afford new clothes. Of course the mormons should be making their clothes and not buying them, just the material. It also depends on the size and where the hole is located as well. For instance a hole at the bottom of a long skirt that is only about the size of a dime is okay by my standards but a hold the size of a half dollar in the upper half of a skirt is NOT okay.

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