Lethbridge State of Emergency

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Lethbridge is in a state of emergency today after 42 mm of rain fell over a 4-hour period.

7 thoughts on “Lethbridge State of Emergency

  1. We were driving through Lethbridge after dinner time. We didn’t see any water to that extend but we did enjoy some HUGE puddles!

  2. I came to Lethbridge at 1:30, right when things were getting bad. I drive an SUV, so it wasn’t too terrible. You just had to take some interesting routes to get to your destinations, and go through a few washed out roads and parking lots. Rick was about 15 minutes behind me…so we were able to call each other and let one another know which roads were closed or particularly bad.

    I really couldn’t believe how stupid some people can be, trying to go through water that appeared to be almost as high as their cars. There were a lot of stranded vehicles in these areas.

    The drive in was more interesting though, visibility. There were many cars pulled over on the highway, and you don’t usually see that because of rain. It just meant that you had to go slower.

    I think it was just really disappointing that the Canada Day festivities were ruined.

  3. I agree, Dar. I haven’t seen such poor driving since we had a big dump of snow in Vancouver about 12 years ago. Some people were speeding through the puddles.

  4. 4 cm wouldn’t be a problem if it were in an area the size of a cup. This was in an area of 127 sq km though, which comes to about 5,080 cubic metres. In other words, over 5 million litres. Half of that fell in a 30 minute period.

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