Your car’s a piece of crap

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A recent conversation while waiting to turn right at a red light in Lethbridge.

Me: You can turn right, you know.

Woman in front of me who refuses to turn: It’s a red light.

Me: This isn’t Qu?ɬ©bec.

Woman: Your car’s a piece of crap.

15 thoughts on “Your car’s a piece of crap

  1. And our van WAS NOT a piece of crap or even close! She also swore in front of our children (this was a woman in her 40s or 50s by the way, well dressed and clean cut). This wasn’t recent though…it was at least a year ago.

  2. How exactly did you have a conversation with this woman?? Did you get out of your car to tell her to turn? If so, you’re surprised that she was lashing out?

  3. No, he gave a slight honk on the horn to encourage her to turn, and she got out and came to our window (there were no cars coming and she was just sitting there. It was Sunday morning so the roads were quiet). She started lambasting him and swearing at him and he explained (politely I might add) that she could turn right on a red light. It was rather bizzare.

  4. My husband was once a passenger in a car that had a slight fender bender with another car. The driver of the other car got out and said, “Didn’t you see I’m pregnant!”

  5. Oh boy….in this day and age that’s kind of scary!

    I think it’s Lethbridge :0)

    The other day my mom was at a light in Lethbridge. The guy in the car next to her horked a loogie out his window…and it landed right on my mom’s window. GROSS!!!

  6. hmmmm one generation after another in our family.. drivers talking to other cars like cars can actually hear or talk back.. acorns do not fall far from the old oak tree :)

  7. The unanswered question is though:

    Is your car a piece of crap?

    It is kind of hard to judge the situation without knowing that information.

  8. And it is a very nice van. Although it now has a window crack, at the time it didn’t and she had no basis for her thoughts on it. Especially as we keep it very clean in spite of having young children (they are not allowed to keep things in the car, however much our 7 year old attempts to do so).

  9. Sounds like a rude comeback from someone who couldn’t think of anything better to say.

  10. The other day a young girl was talking on her cell phone and swerved into my lane, almost hitting my sister and I. I honked at her (of course) and slammed on my brakes and SHE gave ME the finger for honking my horn! After almost hitting me! My sister yelled at her to get off the phone so she could drive properly and she told my sister what to do in not very pleasant language, gave us the finger again and turned into another lane (again, almost hitting someone and getting honked at again). It was Surrey, though, not Lethbridge. Sounds like there are idiots everywhere.

  11. Oh I am not surprised. I see and experience this far too often. If you have the ‘audacity’ to tell someone to drive properly, they feel totally justified in telling you off although THEY are the ones almost causing an accident!!

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