To Serve and Protect

We were watching tv last night and watched 2 different shows completely irrelevant to each other. One was a police reality show and the other was a medical show. For the police one as the “head” guy was giving out the orders of the shift one of the officers jokingly says “if we get the bad guys tonight they better give up right off the bat cause I don’t want to run”. He was very overweight. Of course the bad guy bolts and they chase. The 2nd officer got him down and the 1st officer is just wheezing with his hands on his knees then breathless tells his partner “I told you I didn’t want to run” and everyone laughs thinking this is a big joke.

The 2nd show was emergency personnel on real calls and this particualr scene were paramedics rushing to save someone in a car accident. One of the paramedics was also very overweight and as she is trying to move the passenger out of the car she can barely get her arms around the victim then when she is doing CPR she was just huffing and puffing. Good CPR practice :(

My question is … should emergency personnel be expected to be in top physical condition? I mean if you lived on the 10th floor of a high rise and you have to evacuate due to a fire but you are disabled or are injured wouldn’t it be understood that the firemen will actually be able to climb those 10 flights to get you? If I have just been attacked wouldn’t it be understood that the cops would be able to chase and apprehend the bad guy without first needing medical attention themselves?

If my husband just had a heart attack and is needing CPR from the paramedics shouldn’t I be able to expect that the attendant be able to do this without needing a break from the exertion? I know that Human Rights disallows all forms of discrimination from age, sex, race, creed, size etc but should some jobs be mandatory that they are physically fit?

Co Habitation and the Common Law

So I was talking about comon-law marriages the other day with a colleague.

My wife and I were common law before we were married, and so were he and his wife.

Later on the conversation drifted to the FLDS families who have been in the news lately and we wondered, in the event that a single person resides, shares bills with and pools resources with several members of the opposite sex, does a common-law relationship exist?

There would be if only a single member of each sex were to live in the same arrangement.?Ǭ† It seems that some rights are being lost to some of the parties in the arrangement and since the whole point of the common law was to make sure all parties were to retain their rights, it seems that something may be amiss if it is not the case.

If, on the other hand, a common law marraige does exist – is it with all adult members of the household? What if they’re just dorm-mates while attending college etc.?

I see this as a sticky wicket. Any thoughts?