Only a diamond is forever

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16 thoughts on “Only a diamond is forever

  1. Sorry, the link I gave inadvertently points to page 5 of the article. click back to page 1

  2. So the moral of the story is buy rocks? Or is it that marketing stuff you don’t need it easy? Or is it that people have a lot in common with crows; we like shiny baubles?

    DeBeers are a criminal cartel – what’s worse is that they deal in a commodity that the world could do without.

  3. The moral is that DeBeers is hurting, and the managed to find an ad agency who found a brilliant way to advertise their brand. Don’t know how it affected their bottom line. but it is an effective advertisement.

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    p>Hey why the bad wrap on diamonds. A man can go splash coloured oil on a piece of canvas and sell it for over a Million bucks. Why is a gold ring any more acceptable as jewellery than a diamond. It takes a lot of mined diamonds to find one of good quality so you therefore pay the price. I actually buy rough stone and dont make a heck of a lot of money out of it once it has been cut and 40% of the stone sent off for drill pieces.
    A round ring is substantially more inflated in price than a poor looking diamond. Those are the two apples you should be comparing. You cant buy an intricately developed gold ring for cheap, nor can you buy a very good diamond for cheap. Its all about supply and demand. With Debeers only controlling 45% of the worlds diamonds now, supply has jumped, if the price is still high, then demand is obviously high also. Go on and splash out, she will love you for it.

  5. “Hey why the bad wrap on diamonds.”

    …because diamonds have a history bathed in blood?

    Then again so do bananas…

  6. Bananas do? Hmm have to learn more about that…

    Actually Jake, not all of us women are dying for a piece of jewelry. I am not big on jewelry at all. I wear my wedding rings, periodically something else I might like My daughter on the other hand loves jewelry. But I love my husband for other things and jewelry would NOT be at the top of the list, or even near the middle. Now a spa day with a massage and yoga involved, that would be my dream gift.

  7. DeBeers is not the only own hurting! This economy is killing me and my family! I was just wondering if anyone knew the best place to sell gold jewelry was? I have heard about a bunch of online sites. I would love to hear other’s opinions!

  8. The ad is really effective. Of course the subject is a sensitive one, but you can’t say that it is a very creative and effective ad.
    Anyway, I read that lab-made diamonds are made in Canada. These diamonds are not only forever, but also now.

  9. So what if a rose isn’t permanent. The Japanese celebrate Hanami during the two short weeks when cherry blossoms come out. There’s something very life-affirming seeing something so beautiful grow from a bud into full bloom, then fall and wilt so quickly. It shows the imperanance of life and that we are also imperanent too. A diamond is forever but the recipient of such a gift can’t enjoy it forever.

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