Deja Vu

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OK. A while back, we talked a bit about Paranormal Activity (still waiting for the one reader to give me feedback on those pics Isent you) but I thought I would take it one step farther and ask what your thoughts are on Deja Vu.

For example, our old Bishop and his wife had a farewell on Saturday night, as they are leaving for a mission. When the person conducting started the proceedings, hubby pokes me, hands me the camera, and asks me to take pictures, as he doesn’t have a clear shot. I take the first shot, and as the flash went off, a “light bulb” moment went off in my head, and I knew I had done this exact thing before.

I was sitting in the front row, had been early as usual, and others had filed in behind me. Without turning around, I knew exactly who would be there and what they would be wearing. The food for the refreshments were in the kitchen. I leaned over at the end and told Keith exactly what would be on that counter and in what order. I told him who was going to come up to him to tell him something important and that at one point, someone was going to try taking the baby out of his arms.

As the evening progressed, everything happened as I told him 2 hours prior.

Explain that if you will.

17 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. This may speak to the predictability of the event, the vague descriptions of the events to come or the human tendency to remember the hits and forget the misses.

    I’ hrestill a skeptic of your psychic powers, Sally.

  2. Rick I had no knowledge of who would and would not be there, nor who had been asked to give talks. As it was those who I assumed would be there (the new bishopric) were not even in attendance and one of the speakers never came (got held up in the states). I couldn’t have known that. This was the first farewell I had ever been at for adults so what would have been predictable to me in your words, I had no basis to know this, of how things “usually” are. After the 1st speaker finished I leaned to Keith and said so and so is going to talk next about their trip to Mexico, things that happened while there. I have him exact specifics. Which was exactly what was said. I didn’t know that before. I didn’t even know they had been to Mexico together. How is that predictable?

    I am more inclined to think of a shift in time and things going backwards somehow more then I am psychic. Or that my dreams affect my reality because of never going into REM.

  3. “shift in time”
    “my dreams affect my reality”

    Apparently you live in a much more magical world than I do, Sally.

    I’m afraid I’d, attribute you belief that you experienced the event as you described to self-hypnosis, mental illness or Alzheimer’s well before I’d entertain the thought that you either time-traveled or that your dreams are affecting your (and apparently everyone else’s) reality because a lack of motion of your eyes while you sleep.

  4. It is speculated that dreams are stored into long-term memory. A photo album is a good way to pull out long-term memory data from your brain. It is something that you took a photo at the time of the recall.

  5. I have also heard that events happen spiritually before physically so this could explain it, a memory.

    But I don’t have any reference for that idea, I just remember being told that.

  6. I remember having a dream with my mother, uncle, aunt and I playing a card game. I remember focusing on my playing a specific card and eventually losing the game.

    When my mother, aunt, uncle and I were sitting around the table a few weeks later, I thought nothing of it until I was about to play the card from my dream. Remembering the dream, I decided to play a different card. I ended up winning the game.

  7. Well, since you are obviously all in possession of the gift of precognition, I’d think that you owe it to the world to prove that it exists.

    I mean, literally hundreds of studies have been done on the topic and without fail have disproved the claims of psychics.

    You apparently will be the ones to change the tide and give the scientific community the proof they so richly deserve.

    Why don’t you think about that as you go to bed tonight and tell me tomorrow how it all works out. ;)

  8. The studies disproved the idea that someone can dream about something before it happens? How would they be able to confirm that such a thing didn’t happen?

  9. Dream logs in concert with dairies for 2 years, I believe in the study I was reading about.

    There is plenty of discussion on this topic available through skeptics websites.

  10. And the logs specify all the contents of the persons’ dreams, and document all the occurrences in those persons’ lives to check correlation?

  11. I’d love to read a study backing your Mother’s position…I just have yet to see any. Until then this is a case of chasing ghosts.

  12. I too have dreams about the future. A lot actually. I am starting a journal of the dreams I remember so I can see what is going on in my dreams according to real life. for example: about 6 months ago I had a dream and I remember sitting with this couple talking about something, I had never in my life met these people but I remember I was focusing on the man sitting in the chair for some reason the chair looked familiar.

    5 months later I met my boy friend… he said he wanted me to meet his sister and brother in law. A month after his sister calls me up and asks to talk with me. I still hadn’t met them at this point. But when she came over the man sitting in the chair was her husband. And that chair was the chair in the living room. I was reliving that moment all over again.

  13. I’d love to read a study backing your Mother’s position

    I don’t believe she took a position. She simply shared her experiences.

  14. “I am more inclined to think of a shift in time and things going backwards” “Or that my dreams affect my reality”

    These are the positions I’m talking about.
    I’m very skeptical that any of these things ever happen.

  15. A while back I had a couple of cousins disappear on a hiking trip in Asia. They had been separated from the guide and group during a sudden snow storm. Nobody ever found them. Shortly after that my mother had a dream about what had happened to them. The strange part is that she was able to describe exactly what they were wearing in detail, and once she shared the story with their parents, she learned that the clothing was exactly as described by the hiking guide during the search. My mother has never claimed to have psychic abilities. Certainly it could be a bizarre coincidence, but it is a curious thing nonetheless…

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