Apple, Google, Opposing Prop. 8

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In a move uncommon with the two companies, Apple and Google are openly opposing California’s Proposition 8, which aims to end same-sex marriage in California by amending the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Apple has donated $100,000 to fight Proposition 8, joining Google which came out publicly against Proposition 8 last month and donated $140,000 of their own.

Since the church is significantly supporting Proposition 8, both financially and politically, how will the average Latter-Day Saint react to this news?

Any chance that you will stop using your Apple Products or Google for your computer needs? Will you feel like a same-sex supporter knowing that you are patronizing these companies?

15 thoughts on “Apple, Google, Opposing Prop. 8

  1. This is among the silliest things to advocate. Either we believe we all have a right to vote and support what we will without recriminations, or we don’t believe in democracy. I should be able to make a decision about something like this without blackmail pressure on other aspects of my life. The same goes with corporations. Now, everyone is free to choose to frequent Apple and Google or not. And everyone is free to do so for whatever reason they desire (including as punishment for their support of a political position you do not agree with). But to use it as pressure against the company or individual BEFORE the election is just simply undemocratic. Those who threaten these companies (or individuals) are undermining the principles of democracy which we supposedly believe in. Though I am starting to wonder about Mormons and how much their hearts are truly set in the world of democracy. Surely, most Mormons prefer a theocracy.

  2. “This is among the silliest things to advocate.”

    For the record, I’m not advocating, I’m just asking. I don’t seriously expect anyone to throw out their iPod or cancel their Gmail accounts.

  3. This is an issue over which reasonable people can disagree — even strenuously disagree. So I won’t be taking my business elsewhere. And even had they donated money to a group that thinks torture is a-okay, I’d have a hard time switching my allegiance away from two companies that literally make my current life possible — Mac more than Google.

  4. GASP!! Not use Google!! How would I function?? Unless I hear differently from our leaders that supporting them would/could affect me spiritually I’m doing my own thing

  5. I think there isn’t one right answer to this, but honestly, you hear people getting all up in arms about Wal-mart and its employment practices, or supporting a company that is more ‘green.’ Why would someone’s choice to switch companies be any different for this issue?

    Customers absolutely have the right to voice their opinions with their dollars, even before an election. Why not? That’s not blackmail, that’s business.

    For me, this all becomes too hard to manage, but I don’t fault those who choose this as a way to ‘do something.’

  6. Jeff,

    Forgive me. I wasn’t trying to imply you yourself were advocating it. On my blog I link to a piece by the Protect Marriage folks who threaten businesses with this very thing. I think it is silly, and yes, m&m, it is blackmail. You’re telling a business that they better change the way they vote or support something or you won’t do business with them anymore. That’s blackmail. You are holding their income hostage. It is unethical in a democracy.

  7. Disney, Levi Strauss, Apple, HP, and others were attacked when they extended benefits to same sex partners. They should expect some negative feedback but it will be small compared to the positives for the companies.

    Perhaps they will no longer extend benefits to unmarried partners they could save some money (although I doubt that is what Apple or Google is thinking about).

  8. Interesting post – I hadn’t given too much thought to how a company’s political stances affect my brand loyalty. I have been debating for a few weeks now whether I should get a BlackBerry or iPhone. Apple’s decision to publicly support Prop 8 made it easy for me.

    iPhone it is!

  9. If we insisted on agreeing with everything that a business does politically or ethically in order to support it, we would probably have to boycott technology, make our clothing from scratch and grow our own garden and livestock.

  10. Even if a particular company is not donating, part of their revenue goes to pay salaries. Some of those people in turn donate a portion of their money to causes that you yourself would not chose to support. Trying to avoid secondary support is pretty much a loser’s game.

  11. I think everyone has the right to support or not support something. I sometimes wish companies and Unions would not be so vocal on political issues but that mostly is my kneejerk reaction.

    I also however have a right to withhold my support for companies that do such. Now that can be called blackmail or it can be called voting with your feet. If people really stopped going to some of more grotesque horror or violent flicks, or extremely violent video games I think companies would revise their selling strategy in a New York Minute.

    Personally, if I really am offended by something I will refuse to frequent a seller. As a personal political protest.

    Reality, I am not going to stop using Google over this. Not really an Apple fan so they are banned ;).

  12. I don’t really think I let this kind of stuff factor into my shopping decisions. I make most of my decisions on which businesses to patronize based on quality, convenience, and price.

    I also don’t think the internet would be worth using without Google.

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