Widening 6 Av S in Lethbridge

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173/365 - Traffic at dusk

This week, I received the most current issue of the London Road Neighbourhood Association newsletter. On the front page was a short article reporting on a recent meeting where members discussed the hypothetical widening of 6 Avenue South.

The City is studying the feasibility of building a third bridge between the Westside and Southside. A part of the study, they are considering to different locations, as well as what would happen if no bridge is built. One of the scenarios that has popped up in the case that no bridge is built is the widening of 6 Av S.

This roadway is an extension of Whoop-Up Drive, the city’s heaviest used freeway. It consists of two lanes in both directions, light-controlled intersections every block until Stafford Drive, left-hand turning lanes at each of those intersections, and a parking lane on the south side of the street.

Naturally, nearby residents are concerned that a widening of the roadway would have several negative effects, especially endangerment of pedestrians and closer proximity to front yards.

A solution exists that can provide a six-lane roadway without actually making the roadway any wider.

1. Eliminate left-hand turning.
2. Eliminate on-street parking.

While this does address safety issue, it means drivers will have to change their driving habits. Those travelling east who need to turn north will have to do so at Scenic Drive or Stafford. Those travelling west who want to turn south will have to do so at Stafford Drive. They could do it at Scenic, but it would be pretty convoluted. Likewise, parking will have to be done off the back lanes.

7 thoughts on “Widening 6 Av S in Lethbridge

  1. Just put the bridge on the south side for pete sake. Yikes, so dumb. For a city that taxes businesses as much as Lethbridge does I cannot believe how little they do.

  2. I’m not sure freeway should be in a sentence with Whoop-Up Drive. :0)Can Whoop-Up Drive really be defined as a freeway?? LOL

  3. Jon W,

    That was the plan, but the City caved to all the complaining from Tudor residents about the proposed location, so they asked administration to come back with information on three scenarios.


    A freeway is a high-speed roadway with no at-grade intersections. Whoop-Up qualifies between 4 St S and McMaster Blvd W; although it may be the world’s shortest freeway. :)

  4. Kim,

    I know they did, that is why I am peeved. Like the suggestion that they build the bridge to the North side, there is no houses that far north on the west side so what is the point?

    Personally a bridge that goes from the far south part of Scenic to the West side. I think it makes sense to relieve the traffic flow.

    But then I live in Edmonton where everything appears to be under construction at the moment.

  5. Yeah, that bridge to the Northside suggestion was a joke. Not only are there no houses that far north on the Westside, the City doesn’t own any land north of Crowsnest Trail.

  6. The third river crossing has been planned by the city for decades now.

    I remember reviewing a number of plans and drawings for it back when I worked at city hall. They’d make everyones life in Lethbridge easier if they’d just pull the trigger on that project and get it going.

    Sure would make going to Home Depot easier if you lived in Riverstone.

    Widening 6th Ave, again, is just stupid. Given the collevtive intelligence in the infrastructure department and city council, it sounds like stupid is the only thing on the menu lately…

  7. I should clarify that the city isn’t seriously consider widening 6 Av. At this point, it is simply a discussion point for the scenario of not building a bridge.

    I wholeheartedly agree that they should simply build the bridge in the original location. So did the transportation department when they made such a recommendation to council in the spring.

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