Goodbye 2008

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Another year’s gone by, and it’s been one of a few accomplishments for me. Here’s what I did:

What did you do?

16 thoughts on “Goodbye 2008

  1. I only remodeled the one room. I looked at all 155 pictures and you did an awesome job on the basement. It looks great and nice paint job on the stairs.

  2. Well, they did an awesome job. I was wondering if you hired a few of the jobs out, because that was quite a skill set you were bringing to the work otherwise.

  3. We hired out for everything. One guy did all of it except plumbing and electrical, which were done by two others. I did install most of the outlets and switches though.

  4. Haha, nice list of things you’ve done, sweetly ending with you losing your dog!

    Glad to see that you’ve got a Mac too, so much nicer than windows in my opinion, although I do use both.

  5. 1, Had surgery, then surgery, then surgery and then just when I thought I was done I had it again

    1. I got a new grandchild

    2. I went to my mom’s twice in Saskatchewan

    3. I started my new calling as Director of the Stake Family History Centre

    4. I learned the fine art of delegating and saying no (still a work in progress though)

    5. Put on a Family History all day Seminar for the area and had hundreds in attendance and that took a heck of a lot of planning and work

    6. Planned a family vacation for Hawaii which is coming up at the end of this month WHOOHOO (Can’t wait to see you guys Kim and Mary!)

    7. Realized that my husband really does love me no matter what I look like

    8. Started working out with Tae-Bo which I LOVE! Although I have had to take long breaks during surgery recouperations :(

    9. Did the 5KM race for the Run for the Cure Breast Cancer race with some of my children and grandchildren for the first time.

  6. Tae Bo is great (not that I have done it too much, but I do Tae Bo boot camp and boy is that a HARD workout)! Of course Dad loves you, how could he not? woohoo you have done a lot :)

  7. Poor dog. He was included in the list and it’s not a good news. I wonder if you found him already. But I like your list, it’s simple and hmmmm..easy to follow that’s why you accomplished those with flying colors?

  8. Thanks Mary.. it’s a woman’s thing I think to feel insecure that your husband won’t love you if you don’t look “normal”/// I miss doing Tae-Bo! I tried doing just the leg kicks to keep up but without using the arms it would put me off balance so had to stop. I have been trying to find my tape on Tai-Chi to learn some moves so I can walk over to the beach in Hawaii in the early mornings to do some moves but of course you know when you are looking for something…………

  9. Yes that’s true. It’s why we have validation right? Or rather NEED it!

    Oh Tai Chi would be SO great for you. Maybe you could take a class before we leave to learn some moves you can bring with you? Wish I had a Tai Chi tape for you…hmmm, actually I may, let me look. It will be VHS though. I haven’t actually done Tai Chi myself.

  10. Goodbye 2008 and good riddance! What a nightmare year. I don’t think anyone wants to remember all the problems of last year. But 2009 has a lot of promise and I’m sure we’ll see good think this year.

  11. Well, maybe we didn’t have as many problems in Canada…2008 wasn’t so bad, I think. Not for us anyway. Our basement got finished, yay! But 2009 will be better with our baby coming and a daughter in the double digits and a son being baptised. Oh and our 3 year old is a SUNBEAM! They are growing in leaps and bounds.

  12. Actually, despite what the media has said about the economy, 2008 was a great year for me. I got a new job that more than doubled my old salary. My side business is thriving.

    I’m looking forward to an even better year in ’09.

  13. Bye! bye! 2008 and good expulsion! This is terrific Year for me. But i don’t wants to remember all the problems of last year. And i hope that 2009 will come a lot of promise and good think in this year.

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