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5 thoughts on “BeliefOMatic

  1. I tried it and it pretty much worked out as I suspected it would.

    It’s interesting to note that Orthodox Quakers and I agree on 38% of anything…

  2. Well, for me….100% Theravada Buddhism, 99% Mahayana Buddhism, 96% Unitarian Universalism, 94% Neo-Pagan, 90% Taoism….and these were all expected & rather accurate.

    What shocked me, was this… 58% Scientology, 27% Seventh Day Adventist, or 10% Jehovah’s Witness….did I miss the questions on how I felt about couch jumping, crazy clowns, or The Watchtower.

    Also…Rick, I thought you should know that I share a whopping 60% of the beliefs that the Orthodox Quakers have. I am not sure, but that could possibly be higher than the percentage of shared beliefs between the two of us?????

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